Crazy Curls


Spending some days at home, because of the impossible snow outside and a light flue. 
Everything is so monotonous, that is why I decided it would be nice to change something.
This curly hair really made me happy and joyful for about two days. Don’t worry, it’s not
“perm”! I used aluminium foil as curlers after I had washed my hair, before going to sleep, and
voila! These curls look kind of messy and chaotic, but I really like them, they remind me of the
late 80s and early 90s. 
Also, I wanted to introduce to you my new fantastic friend- MacBook. Since I started my blog,
I have been feeling the need for it, because there is no better operating system when it comes
to photography, blogging and writing than the one Apple is offering. Finally, I am happy
to sit here, in my room, listening to the song below and posting from this perfect notebook.

h&m top, vintage vest, asos jeans 

Have a shining day,

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  1. Natalie Suarez   |     |   Reply

    you hair is amazing!! LOVE IT :)

  2. Leira Zetroc   |     |   Reply

    You seriously look like you were born with curly hair! That’s how natural it looks on you!

  3. lucia m   |     |   Reply

    AMAZIG HAIR!!!http://www.aroundlucia.com

  4. Taelin   |     |   Reply

    love the first image and curly hair looks great on you :)

  5. Shanice Wynter   |     |   Reply

    Love that vest! :)–Shanice ♥ don’t hesitate to visit my blog and hopefully subscribe.

  6. A   |     |   Reply

    you look fantastic with the curly hair!i LOVE it! :)i use a macbook too! yay for macbook buddies :) hahayour gold vest in the pictures is so shiny…it looks

  7. Vilette   |     |   Reply

    You look fantastic in this hairdo! And the vest is simply amazing!

  8. Vionna Tania   |     |   Reply

    ur brand new hair is awesome!♥

  9. Michelle Lee   |     |   Reply

    sounds amazing :) love your hair

  10. alexsandra g.   |     |   Reply

    Love your hair like this, looks so pretty!xxx

  11. Style Servings   |     |   Reply

    Amazing, the curls look so good on you! Beautiful photos!

  12. Fenny   |     |   Reply

    new hair???amazinggg!!

  13. Fashion is for idiots [like us]   |     |   Reply

    curls look fantastic on you.It’s a super natural and cute look – and so easy to style! :)xfashion is for idiots [like us]fashion is for idiots [like us]

  14. Giedre   |     |   Reply

    nice hair!xx,

  15. The Fancy Teacup   |     |   Reply

    Your curly hair looks absolutely chic. x

  16. Mimo   |     |   Reply

    Looks amazing on you! Would love to see a how-to video or pictures of how you got those curls. Xox Mimo

  17. HayleyMG   |     |   Reply

    beautiful photos! Your hair looks gorgeous aswell :)Hayley xx

  18. Gabriel Sima   |     |   Reply

    You look so sweet with curly hair! <3

  19. Tina   |     |   Reply

    Love your animal print vest! Anthropologie Earrings Giveaway! Anthropologie Earrings Giveaway!

  20. FashionFreak/Mihaela   |     |   Reply

    you look amazing. post-ettika♥mfashionfreak

  21. WearAbouts   |     |   Reply

    that hair looks awesome on you!!! congrats on the macbook…they really do make things easier! <3Roryhttp://www.WearAboutsBlog.comCHICTOPIA

  22. Emanuel I.   |     |   Reply

    You lokk great cuttie!Hugs from RO!:DSper sa treci curand prin Bucuresti si sa ne vedem!:D

  23. Martin   |     |   Reply

    You are sooo sweet!!!

  24. Tanja van S -   |     |   Reply

    Your pictures are so beautiful – you look great…Tanja – or via Bloglovin

  25. Plami   |     |   Reply

    You’re so beautiful! Love the curls!XoXoPlami

  26. princess4charles   |     |   Reply

    Doina,you are such a cutie and the curls look great on you!and you are right about the Mac,i’m also using one since i’m in Usa and i’m not going back to Windows :)

  27. Deborah D   |     |   Reply

    you areabsolutely wonderful with curly hair…love this photos so mutch!kisses from italyFashion review

  28. Leonie   |     |   Reply

    beautiful ! I love your vest ;) xx

  29. Charlene Gondo   |     |   Reply

    You look so pretty in curls!Summer Flounce

  30. Milla K   |     |   Reply

    amazing the curly hair!

  31. inês   |     |   Reply

    so pretty! love the pics ♥

  32. Nathalia   |     |   Reply

    nice change!xxViaggio Della FarfallaThe Key Item

  33. Jestil   |     |   Reply

    Great pictures, you look so pretty awesome…

  34. Anonymous   |     |   Reply

    Your hair looks so much better curly :)Tanita Bara

  35. WeiPinh   |     |   Reply

    You are amazing with curly hair! I follow you! I really happy if you follow me, too! :-)

  36. Anonymous   |     |   Reply

    dear,all those comments are lies,I think u know that,they are just kissing your ass so u follow them get it?other than your hair, your granny clothes,you look fine XOXO

  37. ms fashion street   |     |   Reply

    super post!imi place blogul tau!a trecut ceva vreme de cand nu l-am mai vizitat!dragute flori,doar in zona noastra,romania,moldova se gasesc!