Consuming Tiredness.

Have you ever felt tired of feeling tired? I know it sounds twisted and strange, because tiredness already means fatigue and temporal absence of physical and mental strength, but that is exactly why I asked you that. I sometimes get emotionally tired from being physically and mentally tired… I don’t know if it makes sense, but I am sure this feeling is similar to some of you. 

+ large white bed in a white room
+ Pain au Chocolat/ Croissant
+ silk-lace nightwear for a “princess” modd
+ Plato, Nietszche, Balzac, Dostoyevsky… or just a really good book 
+ Double Espresso with cold milk
+ Tchiakovsky/ Lana Del Rey/ 30 STM
+ wide open window (balcony preferred) 
+ writing… poetry, prose, doesn’t matter
+ just staring at the ceiling trying to think of nothing
As Lana del Rey’s latest beautiful video says “Ride!”. Leaving whenever you feel the atmosphere is becoming too monotonous and you lose track of time. Just book a plane ticket, find an apartment in an old building, and leave!
I think it is really important to take care of the emotional health, that is why I am taking a 2week holiday in a few days (gonna tell you more details soon)… 
So, guys, just take my advise and treat yourself with a short/long/unexpected/unplanned trip to purify your soul.
Good luck and have a wonderful day!

P.S. Photos were taken at La Maison Champs Elysees, designed by M.M. Margiela 


  • aweeee. cute shots! :)

  • you are beautiful in every moment of the daykissesNEW LOOK IN THE BLOG!

  • looove the first pic!xx

  • Maria


  • i totally get your point!! and i’ll definitely treat myself soon! btw, you look so pretty as always! :))xx

  • ‘Crime and Punishment’ by Dostoyevsky is a really good book, hope you know it.An unexpectred journey is what I need right now ;)I really like your photos!

  • Love these photos!

  • lovely shotssss! <333

  • Good morning beauty! :)

  • Wowwww, what a wonderfull pics <3Amazing my dear!♥ Marta Antolínez.

  • you made your point and I agree:) now I see how important it is to take a deep breath before anything else..

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  • Anonymous

    Those PJs are FABULOUS and I have been searching for a similar pair for my own upcoming trip to Paris but haven’t found anything I love yet. Do you mind sharing where you found them?!


  • so beautiful pictures!

  • Интересный пост, Дойна! Любопытно, а вот Достоевского например, ты на каком языке читаешь?:)))

  • Интересный пост, Дойна! Любопытно, а вот Достоевского например, ты на каком языке читаешь?:)))

  • dreamy post love it

  • estas guapisimaNew outfit post on my blog “PINK ANGORA”

  • this post is so beautiful!! love all photos!

  • you’re still young Doina, I think You’ve so many times to save your strength for a future,,don’t wasted okay…heheI’ve a serious illness by wasting my healthy on my youth ages, so take care dear…best,saphira-t

  • Veronica

    Amazing photos!!!

  • love it <3

  • You truly look like urban princes!

  • I really like this concept! These pictures look like a professional photoshoot. Love Laduree <3

  • I have been sick for the past few days laying in bed… and let me tell you it has been nothing like this. looks like a dream-Violet

  • Anonymous

    I noticed that you love reading. Can I ask you which are your favourite books and/or authors? It would be SO NICE to see a post about books on your blog, usually I don’t see any fashion blogger reading books 😉 This is really good of you!Bye Doina,A.

  • Stiu de demult o vorba, dar nu ma intreba de unde…supa de pui vindeca orice boala, pana si inima ranita…deci….:D. Iti citesc blogul cu mult drag, Ana-Maria

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