I woke up this morning, the 8th of March, feeling like a have to talk to you. After all, most of my readers are females, and I feel like not talking to you on the International Women’s Day would be a real sign of ignorance towards you.

Though, historically speaking, no protests or pro-women’s rights activities from the beginning of the 20th century were held on the actual date of the 8th of March, in 1914 it was decided that this day would play an important role for all the women around the world, having been declared as the International Women’s Day.

I won’t start talking about equality and how women can survive without men, nothing like that. I did believe that. I used to think that we can be strong enough to succeed in our lives, to achieve great things, and we don’t need anyone around us. After millennia of repression, we are so eager to prove our independence and superiority to men. We make everyone believe that we do not need anyone’s help or support, because we’re just too good on our own, after all, that’s exactly what we have been fighting to achieve for centuries. We promote this idea so much that we ourselves start believing it, and living as if it is what we actually want and need.

Today I want to tell you, my dearest beautiful women, that it is not true. Being alone doesn’t make us any stronger, neither does rejecting the support of our beloved ones, or their love, or their care. You can become truly strong once you have the courage and confidence to face your fears, which in our situation are very simple: the fear to be left heard-broken, the fear to be betrayed, the fear to lack independence, the fear to feel inferior again, etc. We build kilometres of walls around us, desperately trying to protect ourselves for our own good, thinking that if no one can get close enough to be able to “manipulate” us through our feelings, we’ll be safe and in control. But we’ll only be in control of a superficial, tiny part of our lives.

        A strong woman looks fear in the eyes and says “I am strong enough to be happy, I deserve it”. Confidence only comes when your mind is clear and your soul is open. A strong woman is the one who learns how to accept to be loved. A strong woman is the one who learns how to love. A strong woman is the one who leaves her ego and vanity aside in order to open herself to someone else. A strong woman is a happy woman, and whatever we say and want to believe, we can’t be happy on our own. We can be pleased, we can be satisfied with our work results, but never happy, because “Happiness is only real when shared”.

So today, I want to wish you to love, be loved, and be happy!!


Photo: Elena Goroshka

  • Best post from you. I love it. We see eye to eye.

  • Happy Women’s Day. Love this beautiful black and white shot 😀

    xx Mira

  • AMAZING post babe !

  • Well said! Happy Women’s Day! XD

  • Q

    Beautiful post!!!!x

  • My thoughts exactly ! Happy Women’s Day ! I wish you a spring full of accomplishments and LOVE ! 🙂


    Sara Constance
    stylist & founder of

  • Hello Doina and other Girls that are reading this!

    I agree with you in each and every word you wrote. To love, being loved and to share love doesn´t make us weaker. But having a Soulmate and someone to share all the million pieces of the life makes the Living so much worth it!

    I wrote last year some words on this topic, but focused a little bit different. Feel free to read why I think to have someone in our complex, fast moving and always changing life is important.


  • this is really great! happy international women’s day to you too!

  • What you wrote really moved me, I recognised myself in it. I did build wall around me. This post gave me some thinking, thank you for that 🙂

  • Nice post and well written!! Love the photo too, it’s beautiful!

  • Thank you for your words beauty, a very touching article. Let’s celebrate the International Women’s day, what an honor to be a Woman, what a happiness to be a Woman, i am so grateful to be a Woman. <3

  • Lovely words, I agree 100%. Happy International Women’s Day to you too!

  • Beautiful words!

  • M

    Hi Doina,

    It’s funny that you write this because lately I have been thinkng (or overthinking) a lot about the “single” situation. I feel totally comfortable with being single, I like to be alone most of the time and I’m not sure I would be able to handle someone else in my life, let my schedule depend on theirs etc…

    And I know that this is all because of fear. All the fears that you listed and maybe some more.

  • Oxana

    Thank you very much for this post, Doina. I think this is a matter that we all have in our hearts but never have the courage to talk about. And you did! I admire you very much. Thank you for inspiring us

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