Coming Home.


I didn’t notice how more than 8 months passed since I last went to Romania for work. Because my mother agency is located in Bucharest, and a great part of my friends in fashion live there, it felt like coming home!

I had an amazing time. We met up with everybody at the DuckRoom Studio for a brides’ beauty shooting.  Although I feel like hunted by the brides’ curse, as my last shootings seem to be all about marriage, I would love that day to repeat again and again.

The idea behind the editorial was to break the stereotypes that a bride can only look gorgeous with smokey eyes and super architectural hairstyles.  Forget about that. It’s a big lie!

I can’t wait for the editorial to come out. You will then understand what I am talking about ;). I am sure you will fall in love with the styles just like I did.

But for the moment here is a sneak peek for you:

Fist of all: hands – clean and simple! He will put a ring on that finger that day, so make sure someone takes a good care of your hands. Ruxandra took an amazing care of my manicure. I admire it and I just can’t describe the joy it brings me to look at them this very moment)) girls’ stuff, nah…


Secondly: the hair – Nika proved once again that she’s a genius! This is what I call  “bring out the Brigite Bardot inside of me!”:


I saved the most important part for the desert – the makeup! Every girl dreams about her wedding day. So then why not choose a makeup you always dreamed about? You want to look like a fairy or maybe like a movie star, why not? Go for it! Don’t forget, however, it is your day. It has to be all about you. Don’t try to look differently, the man you marry loves you for YOUR beauty, make it pop with the right “maquillage” 😉 As for me, I already decided that I want Alexandra to be my makeup artist for the wedding.


And here is where all the magic happened, the famous DuckRoom Studio.

studio image_1360583281028111


Alexandra Craescu- Makeup
Nika Karp- hair
Ruxandra Iancu- manicure
Stefan Dani- the king of photography

  • Wow, arata minunat machiajul!

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    very interesting!

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    Amazing photos!!!

  • Alison

    Oh my God! You are soooo beautiful! My brother always said we should move to Eastern Europe. Moldova Romania and Ukraine have the prettiest girls around!

  • So cool! Can’t wait to see the photoshooting.

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  • The make up is amazing!!!!!