Classy LV.


( PNK Casual shirt, skirt of my own design, Celine sunglasses, Malvensky necklace, Oysho top, Louis Vuitton  shoes and bag)

Classy and reserved. This is the outfit I wore to our private graduation dinner, that only my classmates and teachers attended… Former classmates and teachers, to be more specific. The thought that I’m finally free of homework, ridiculously early alarm clocks every morning and stressful nights before exams is very unusual, but I think I can live with that… At least till University starts! Brrr, another cycle of sleepless nights and loads of responsibilities, but life is not really life without them, right? Can’t wait to be done with my exams and be able to step into a new period of my life, full of experiences and things yet to be discovered and learned.










Photos by Alexey Popoff

  • So gorgeous!

  • ol

    really ugly shoes!

  • Lovely outfit! Which University are you going to attend?

  • That skirt? Perfection!!!

    The Kimmie Chronicles

  • I love the location!! it makes the outfit looks even better.
    By the way, congratulations now you are a grad, and new things are coming

    Take care,
    Carolina Llano Mariño

  • It can be strange now, but you’ll get used to faster than you ever imagined. Good luck on your new experiences. You look marvellous, dear.

  • i love that maxi skirts, so gorgeous!


  • what an amazing look! love the bright skirt!

  • 0001

    You look fantastic! Glad to know that you’ll be getting a break 🙂 I was wondering-what kind of fabric is the skirt made of? Corduroy? Is is kind of stretchy? Also, just wondering who takes your blog photos? They’re absolutely phenomenal 🙂

  • Miranda

    Beautiful photos! You look great!!

  • Alexa

    Doina,you look great!

  • maybe too classy for me but it’s your style and it suits you well !!: )

  • love the skirt ♥ this look is amazing!

  • These photos are gorgeous! I love the skirt so much!

  • Love the bag, so perfect! <3 <3

    Love&Studs on FACEBOOK

  • love your bag!

    fashionabLEE-MICHELLE 🙂

  • You found quite the perfect set for a school related story 😉 college is definitely quite an amazing experience, you’ll love it!!

  • This is a gorgeous classic and elegant look! Must have been the eyecatcher at your dinner! You can be proud of yourself that you are able to do so much blogging next to school and exams. For me it’s always difficult to get university and blogging both work at it’s best at the same time.
    Kisses, Sally

  • perfect, classy outfit, the skirt fabric is amazing, not to mention those prints!

  • You look gorgeous.


    Style of Purity

  • Beautiful outfit. The skirt you created is one of a kind and it is truly exquisite! Love the over all look of this outfit.

  • This is uber cute. You look like such a lady. Love the skirt. It’s perfect for this yo-yo weather!

  • Cristina

    Unde putem gasi aceste scaune?

  • Andra

    Nice shooting! Who is your photographer? i would love to see his/her portfolio.

  • Beautiful outfit !! This bag is to die for <3


    Lea Hudson, fashion & nail art blog

  • Omg, how old are you? I thought you had 18 or more, and also that you had already finished with the studies! I finished my high school with 17.

  • Very cool skirt!!!

  • beautiful pictures darling. love the outfit!

  • perfect!
    love this outfit very very much!

  • Deborah

    I’m not sure about the shoes but I love love love this look!


  • geri

    where are you going to study ?

  • stunning skirt!

    Hayley xx

  • Lida Vinnikova

    место для съемки просто шикарное, образ божественный!

  • Perfect !

    P.S.: Prima data am citit despre tine in Marie Claire si nu regret ca am avut curiozitatea sa intru pe blog-ul tau

  • Super cute look. Love the shoes!

  • Such a beautiful bag! x

  • Ce bine iti sta cu tunsoarea asta si imi plac ochelarii tai la nebunie!

  • gorgeous look!

  • This is a lovely, demure outfit. Great choice!