The child of Zara.

Skopelos, Greece

Zara crop top (similar HERE and HERE) / Zara skirt (similar HERE and HERE) / Zara birks / No name body chain (similar HERE) / rings from Skiathos (similar HERE)

  My dear friends, today, I am addressing you, asking you understanding and forgiveness. Yes, I plead guilty to being a child of Zara…

It’s been a few years since I wore a full Zara outfit, but what can you do, when it’s affordable and looks cool, the fact that you’re wearing a brand head-to-toe doesn’t really bother you. I know the shoes choice might seem strange to many of you, but their easiness and casual look won me over. And heels, I’ve been there, done that, and sometimes all they do is turn a cool outfit into some kitschy and loud.

 doina ciobanu crop top_-2  doina ciobanu crop top_-6

doina ciobanu crop top_-10

doina ciobanu crop top_-15   doina ciobanu crop top_-29

doina ciobanu crop top_-8

doina ciobanu crop top_-16

doina ciobanu crop top_-21

doina ciobanu crop top_-12

doina ciobanu crop top_-11        doina ciobanu crop top_-38

doina ciobanu crop top_-35     doina ciobanu crop top_-33

doina ciobanu crop top_-37

doina ciobanu crop top_-34      doina ciobanu crop top_-24


Photos: Daniel Dykes


  • woooow doina !

  • looks lovely 🙂

  • The setting is beautiful!! Luckily for you, London is actually sunny and warm so no temperature shock 🙂

  • Awesome black and white look. I love Zara too 🙂

    xx Mira

  • Nice! Love the crop top!

  • Deep down we’re all “a child of Zara”. Like you said, it’s affordable, stylish, the material is quite good, so why not? It’s a good mother. And that look is certainly worth it.

  • Haha it happens to me SO often that I wear a complete Zara look… their clothes are just simply better than any other (affordable) brands, nothing you can do about it 😉

    Love the jewellery and top!

  • When you smile, you look a little like audrey toutou! 🙂

  • simple and beautiful!

  • This might be my favourite outfit of yours to date ! 🙂

  • madspepper

    I think I’m in love with your skirt o.o

  • Amazing outfit!

  • beautiful setting!

  • wow! amazing outfit! ur so beautiful!

  • wow this pictures are amazing, the setting is sooo beautiful! and it’s definitely okay to wear all zara look 😉

  • the outfit would look better with heels!

  • Hana

    nice look

  • Стильный образ….фигура сногсшибательная

  • Lovely
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  • So lovely! What an amazing location, it looks like paradise! And you’re such a pretty and classy lady 🙂

    xxx Linsey from POSE-BLOG.COM

  • Beautiful & chic

    Hayley xx