Catching the Light.


( Rhea Costa jumpsuit, Christian Louboutin shoes, Edeline Cathias bag, vintage earrings)

Light is one of the most beautiful things on Earth and the Universe around it. Though it’s a phenomenon of great scientific importance, with numerous studies and theories, to me it’s one of the most beautiful and mystical things seen by the human eye. Light is what sometimes makes us swear 20 000 times if we’ve forgotten our sunglasses at home, what burns us for a whole summer, what blinds us while driving… But all that loses sense and you suddenly fall in love with the light again and again every time you see the glorious reddish sun, so soft and peaceful, in early morning or on a quite evening. That’s why the photographers who have the ability to catch that little bit of visual magic in a photo are artists to me. My friend Catalin, from Bucharest, is one of those artists (no wonder his blog is called Lightaholic).

These pictures just make me dream; dream of yesterday, dream of today, dream of tomorrow; dream of all the things I’ve seen and experienced, and of those that are yet to come into my life; dream of hope, love and kindness amongst people of all the cultures and races of this small planet. Dream of life…

Thank you, Catalin, for making me dream!









_00C0012_1rheacostajumpsuitphotos by Catalin Opritescu


  • you really look sa beautiful <3

  • Просто потрясающие фотографии!

  • such a stunning dress! and love the pop of red!

  • Wow, those photos are beautiful! I absolutely adore your bag.

  • Lili

    Beautiful photos… I love it! and you look so chic!

  • Classic and beautiful! You look gorgeous <3


  • You look awesome!

    Check out my blog

  • You look so… Hollywoodish 🙂 That jumpsuit is just perfect!

  • It’s insane what you can do with light; here you completely have a retro vibe just because of the light! It’s really stunning

  • Magdalena

    You look fantastic!!!!!!!!

  • Veronica

    Superba!!!Ador acest jumpsuit si geanta,esti adorabila!

  • Andrea

    Amazing pics,absolutely magical!!!!

  • wow !!! usually i think the fire red lipstick is tooo much for young lady but it suits you a lot in here 🙂

  • oh my, amazing pics, amazing suit, you are just perfect!

  • Simply wow! 🙂

  • wow, incredibly stunning pictures, the lighting is definitely perfect.

  • Doina Ciobanu

    I agree, but it goes very well with neutral outfits, like total black or total white. Thank you! 🙂

  • Doina Ciobanu

    I’m really happy you like it! I agree, the photographer is a genius 🙂

  • very beautiful photos and amazing light!

  • You’re so stunning <3

  • Fantastic outfit 🙂 Amazing bag 🙂 Kisses :*

  • Amazing pictures! and I love your bag <3

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  • You are very beautiful in this outfit!!

  • Maria

    Ce facultate o sa urmezi?

  • Maria

    Te admir si esti superba!!!!!!!!!!

  • stunning photos and stunning outfit! You look beautiful <3

    Hayley xx

  • Emanuel I.

    Esti superba, iar Catalin un adevarat maestru.

  • te prinde foarte bine negrul! superba combinatie cu rujul rosu! te pup!

  • you look stunning!

  • Carolina

    I love this look!!!Is perfect!

  • Livia

    VERY CHIC!!!

  • Arianna Galo

    You are beautiful!Great style!!

  • Carlotta

    This jumpsuit is sou shic!Love it!!

  • This is the best use of natural light I’ve seen in a set of photos for awhile…your friend is truly talented!

  • Lovely, elegant outfit and pretty photos. I’ve only just discovered your blog but I’m really enjoying it! xx

  • Milla

    Very chic!So beautiful photos!!!!!!

  • Dafina

    I love youuuu and your bag. <3

  • Classic beauty!