Cannes Film Festival with de Grisogono.

Cannes, France

Cannes Film Festival has been a dream for quite a few years now. Hourly elegance, sun in the sky, red carpets, mesmerising jewellery, couture, cameras everywhere… It is a unique kind of experience.

However, me being myself, every time I’ve had the opportunity to go I passed on it, because to me even worse than not experiencing that life is experiencing it in the wrong way. As picky as I am, I had in mind particular brands I wanted to travel there with and going with someone who doesn’t quite represent me and isn’t quite my style was something I never wanted to do. And then magic happened. De Grisogono contacted me regarding Cannes and asked if I wanted to star in their new video campaign alongside one of my favourite ladies in London, Violetta Gruosi, and the lovely Valentina Ferragni. That was a no brainer and in aprx 2 days I had all my outfits ready.

De Grisogono has always been one of my favourite luxury jewellers so working with the company and the founding family was such an honour to me. I was feeling seriously in my element, surrounded by so many diamonds. Excited to share the video we filmed that features their classical pieces as well as the Melody of Colour collection which I simply fell in love with; the mix of the different colours, shapes, movement is very unique and organic. Ah, and the black diamonds!… still hoping Fawaz Gruosi brings out some golden diamonds into the market haha.

Thanks so much to the team for the hospitality and for making me feel amazing xx

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono-18

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono-13

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono-10

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono-9

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono-7

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono-21

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono-6

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono collage

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono-29

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono-24

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono-32

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono-34

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono-20

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono-2

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono-31

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono-17

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono-35

doina ciobanu cannes de grisogono evening

Photography: Daniel Dykes / de Grisogono

  • Wow 🙂 Amazing experience!
    P.s Valentina Ferragni is from my city 😀 ( Cremona, Italy )

  • Wow, that looks amazing!

  • Stella

    Perfect luxury jewelry. I love the design and with the combination of dresses the looks are very nice.

  • Ana

    Oh wow, this must be the life! Beautiful outfits, professional makeup everyday, cocktails and Cannes! So jealous but you’ve earned it Doina so enjoy 🙂 x

  • Madalina Puiu

    The video has an incredible atmosphere and some brilliant shots! Really a piece of art, bravo!

  • w-o-w!


  • You look gorgeous, babe! And that view from the roortop is everything!


  • viktoria

    Wow! You look so stunning

  • So beautiful, as always! And what an incredible opportunity. I hope you had a wonderful time – I love following your journey.


  • I had so much fun following you on Snapchat, the pictures are gorgeous!

    x Karen

  • dré

    Love the video and incredible photos! You’re so fab 😉
    xo dré

  • Lovey Fleming

    What stunning pieces and gorgeous babes!

  • Camera loves you! No wonder it’s all about you in the video.


  • Doamne, ce poze frumoase!!!

  • Esti superba! <3

  • Francheska Irizarry

    In some pictures you look like Kendall Jenner. Very elegant dress ( last picture). Is stunning!