Taking a moment.

Cannes, France

Cannes-cannes. It’s that time of the year again. We’re not just in Cannes for the Film Festival, we’re here with Dior. You know it’s quite funny how once you start living your dream you forget that it was ever your dream to begin with.

I was on the phone with my dad yesterday and he told me “Remember when you were about 6 and we went to Paris for the first time and you fell in love with Dior after seeing their shop. We came back to Moldova and you went on and on about how one day you’d be successful enough to wear everything Dior. Then when you were about 15/16 and you were showing me all these Dior catwalks and were telling me how you were studying really well to be successful and buy yourself a Dior wardrobe. Well, did you ever think you’d ever end up working with the house? You never imagined you’d be somewhere like Cannes Film Festival with a brand like Dior. I’m proud that you’ve exceeded your dreams”.

I normally wouldn’t share such a detailed personal conversation, but I thought this one is very on topic. I really had forgotten. I know I’ve always loved Dior but my dad reminded me of how much of a dream it was for me. But the most important thing is how happy he is to see me not just work, make money and spend them on Dior; but rather work and travel with Dior.

My story with the brand goes way back, but it also is the start of my love story as Daniel and I met at a Dior show in Paris many moons ago.

So yes, while I’m in Cannes shooting all day, running late, preparing for red carpets, I’m also taking a minute to acknowledge that this is still a dream and I’ll always be grateful to life, my parents, my boyfriend, you guys, for supporting me along the way.

*smiles & tears* *wiping off tears*

Ok, now back to work. Talk soon! kiss kiss


  • Perfect photos!


  • This was absolutely stunning, Doina! The photos are so beautiful and you look fantastic! Love it!


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  • So very beautiful in the white casual and stylish outfit! Love love ❤️ it! 🙂

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    This pictures are beautiful, love it!!! <3

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    You look amazing! So striking!



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    amazing photos as always!


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    You’re absolutely incredible Doina! Such an inspiration! Congratulations on all your success!