Campaign for my collection for Moja. BACKSTAGE


Last week was totally  C R A Z Y !! We photographed the Campaign and Lookbook for my collection for, which you will be able to buy in a few days…. 
I will post all the photos as soon as I have them, but from what I have seen, they are going to be great, and that is no surprise considering the professional teams I have been working with: Elena Goroshka’s and Alexey Popoff’s. I want to thank them once again for their  amazing job! 
It has been really exhausting, but I now I am ready for the summer to come and just can’t wait for new adventures and experience. 
Truly hope you like the collection on which we have been working really hard. 


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  1. Natali   |     |   Reply

    These dresses are very beautiful and you’re wearing the well!! I like the yellow one the most :)

  2. Daniela   |     |   Reply

    Incredibil,esti superba.Felicitari pentru aceasta colectie frumoasa.

  3. Jaeger   |     |   Reply

    beautiful dresses!

  4. Dorina   |     |   Reply

    Esti foarte frumoasa si rochiile sunt superbe.Abia astept sa vad colectia :)

  5. VANESA   |     |   Reply


  6. Diary of Mia   |     |   Reply

    Gorgeous as always!!

  7. cuteredbow   |     |   Reply

    Amazing pics and dresses !

  8. Anna   |     |   Reply

    Doamnee,este geniala colectia!Si tu esti geniala,evident!Imi doresc sa ajung ca tine intr-o zi.:D

  9. Anonymous   |     |   Reply

    to be honest this looks like my 60-year-old auntie’s clothes…

  10. Anonymous   |     |   Reply


  11. garde   |     |   Reply

    i love the first long incredible dress.i have a new

  12. alexsandra g.   |     |   Reply

    Looks absolutely stunning, congrats xx

  13. mamaartista   |     |   Reply

    Hola!! adoro tu blog. Espero que te pases por y nos digas que te parece. Si te gusta no dudes en seguirnos en blogger, trendtation y Facebook.Un saludo L

  14. Kirby   |     |   Reply

    I like the exaggerated shapes you’ve used, especially with the floral print fabric. The colour pallet you’ve used is quite soft, but I think it works well with the shapes used. Congrats!!xx

  15. Monica L.   |     |   Reply

    Wow congratulations!Every single outfit looks gorgeous! hope you may pass by my blog “Awkwardly Dancing” It’s VERY COOL and I’ve just started it:)

  16. Style Servings   |     |   Reply

    Woooow I adore the prints!

  17. Natasha Fatah   |     |   Reply

    How exciting! Congratulations!!And all the dresses look so great!xoxo~Natasha Fatah~~Natasha Fatah~

  18. Miruna   |     |   Reply

    iti sta foarte bine cu parul asa, sa-ti faci mai des bucle! :)

  19. Alina   |     |   Reply

    Tot ce faci e unical si imi place la nebunie.Felicitari pentru colectie.Numai invidiosii pot spune ceva de rau.Astept cu nerabdare sa achizitionez ceva.

  20. Giedre   |     |   Reply

    true model!

  21. akon   |     |   Reply

    Your blogs and every other content is so entertaining and useful It makes me come back again.Jewlery

  22. Ruby   |     |   Reply

    Amazing..and you’re beautiful!!!Ruby

  23. Natalie Suarez   |     |   Reply

    you’re stunning! i love u :)

  24. Десислава Валентинова   |     |   Reply

    The backstage photos are fantastic! I bet that the lookbook is going to be even more beautiful! Can’t wait to see the pictures! And your collection is awesome – so feminine and elegant in very tender and lovely colours! great job, dear! <3Desislava

  25. Adam   |     |   Reply

    Really beautiful Doina!!

  26. Cinja   |     |   Reply

    wooow how beautiful! the collection looks amazing, congrats!

  27. one girl, one blog   |     |   Reply

    Great outfits!

  28. Elsasu   |     |   Reply

    Love! My sincerly CONGRATS!

  29. Irina Bugai   |     |   Reply

    I’m totally in love with all the dresses! Classic yet young and flirty!

  30. Irina   |     |   Reply

    Felicitari pentru aceasta minunata colectie.

  31. Elena   |     |   Reply

    Beautiful dress! and you look gorgeous as always!KissesElena

  32. Dana   |     |   Reply

    Sunt surprinsa placut de ce am vazut.Esti foarte BRAVO.Chiar ma intrebam de ce toti tinerii ce financiar se simt bine,nu incearca sa faca ceva.O sa ajungi departe si iti doresc multa bafta!!

  33. Van S. -   |     |   Reply

    Wow – these photos are so beautiful – the dress on most pics is perfect…CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN GIVEAWAY & LANCOME Cosmetics GiveawayVan – PureGlam.tvBloglovinNew Facebook-Page

  34. Michelle Lee   |     |   Reply

    amazing collection :)

  35. Anonymous   |     |   Reply

    Beautiful Doina!Amazing collection.

  36. Neijah   |     |   Reply

    Love that dress!xoxo,

  37. Anonymous   |     |   Reply

    Doina,esti superba.Colectia este nemaipomenita si bujorii acestea superbi te prind foarte bine.

  38. inês   |     |   Reply

    Really amazing pics! ♥

  39. online fashion shop   |     |   Reply

    Wonderful fashion stuffs…

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  41. Alee R.   |     |   Reply

    STUNNING DIONA!xoxo, Alee

  42. SparkleOnTheFloor   |     |   Reply

    Your creations in collaboration with MOJA are absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the floral prints and the colours you chose!Follow me Sparkle On The Floor

  43. epic.flow   |     |   Reply

    unde se pot gasi ? pe nu le-am gasit … superbe creatii ! si tu esti de asemnea o superba !!! Respect .

  44. Erica   |     |   Reply

    Chic and adorable!!

  45. Erica   |     |   Reply

    Chic and adorable!!

  46. Ellie Lee   |     |   Reply

    Stunning dress! Wow! It’s so beautiful! You definitely looked amazing in it! x

  47. Antonia-Ivana   |     |   Reply

    way too pretty! The dresses are so lovely.

  48. akon   |     |   Reply

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