I’m sitting on the sofa, sipping on my coffee. He’s sitting at the other side of it, laptop on his lap, typing fiercely. I love that little frown he has on his face when he’s concentrating. My eyes move lower, but only about 5cm, to his mouth. Ah. That mouth. I can kiss it every second of the day. And that beard surrounding his cheeks and going down his neck. So beautiful. He notices me staring and turns to look at me and I freeze, because his eyes are like crystals dropped in the bluest ocean, they’re the one thing I simply can’t resist. Obsessed. Have been obsessed ever since I saw that little thumbnail of his Facebook picture featuring his piercing blue eyes. It’s been years, and I’m still just as obsessed with them, probably even more now because the soul behind them means so much to me. I lean in to kiss him.

His breath, his scent, obsessed. OBSESSED.

When Calvin Klein asked me to share my “obsessed” experience I didn’t quite know what it should be about, I thought of so much, so many different complicated ideas that didn’t really express my deep obsession and desires.


Then I realised it’s much simpler than that. It’s just HIM. And I’ve been obsessed with him for so long, and still am.

So to celebrate the new  Calvin Klein OBSESSED scent I’ve shared with you one of my most intimate moments.

And what are you OBSESSED with?

  • Amazing photos! <3


  • Sexy beautiful … absolutely stunning presentation photos! 🙂

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  • Naty Diaw

    now this is how you advertise a fragrance! so cool

  • natalie

    gorgeous imagery!
    I need to try out this scent

  • Ellie

    Super coole Bilder!<3

  • babyonlinedress fr

    de soirée longue