Istanbul Hair Diary.

Istanbul, Turkey

Not my usual type of post, but I thought that might be exactly why it would be interesting for many of you. If you’re following me on Instagram you have most likely seen that I went loco with braids during my trip to Istanbul. There is something about that part of the world that really inspires me to experiment with fashion and beauty… Or lets not say beauty but hair, that would actually be more accurate, since I was too lazy to put effort into makeup (after so much braiding my arm and hand muscles just gave up).

Getting hair clip extensions (mines are from Balmain Hair in DoubleHair length and volume XL, you can find them HERE) I just couldn’t resist the urge to change my image a little bit. I haven’t yet got to the photos from my trip, but I have been spamming my followers on Instagram with new braids pretty much every day. So if you’re curious and are looking for some festival (Coachella) inspiration, I’ve put together a few of my favourite photos. Apologies for the “side pose”, it’s kind of the only angle that gives a good look at the hair style.

D xx

P.S. My dear ladies, please do let me know if you want me to tell you more about the hair extensions and do some tutorials on braiding.

hair braid inspiration

hair braid inspiration

brunette hair braid inspiration

hair braid inspiration

brunette hair braid inspiration

brunette hair braid inspiration

brunette hair braid inspiration

brunette hair braid inspiration

brunette hair braid inspiration

Photos: @goldendiamonds

  • Each and every look, gorgeous. I have long hair and so haven’t really considered extensions before. But they definitely add to the fullness!

    xoxo – Kelly

  • Rhea

    You look so beautiful! I love the braid and every picture.

  • natalie

    great photos!
    you are so beautiful

  • Beautiful looks and hairdos 🙂

  • Wow your hair is amazing, I really envy you 😉 these pics are amazing, Istanbul looks gorgeous!

    x Karen

  • We want video tutorials from you!

  • Yes, I know what you mean! Hair extensions absolutely changed my life view!! haha, joking. But seriously, I was always so jealous of girls with thick braids and could never understand how they achieved it, even when I had long hair, it would always look very thin and… uninspiring. Hair extensions add that extra bit of hair that makes braids or even any other hairstyle very rich and beautiful x

  • Thank you Rhea 🙂

  • Yay yay, I was hoping someone would say that haha. I will definitely start working on that 🙂 xx

  • Thank you, Karen. Istanbul is indeed an amazing city x

  • Your hair is a dream! Really makes me want to grow out mine 🙂

  • Anca Varsandan

    I miss Istanbul <3. I was there last Summer with my boyfriend and got lost in its beautiful mosques, the crazy traffic, thousands of cats and awesome foods everywhere. It's one of the few large cities that stays with you long after you've left.

    p.s. You have envious hair 🙂
    xoxo Anca

  • mariel

    all the hair looks amazing and you look absolutely gorgeous Doina <3


  • You look amazing! Beautiful hairstyles!!



  • I missed your long hair very much!
    finally I can see you with log hair!

  • Addictions to Shopping .

    Plaits are a great way to style your hair, so easy & effortless!

    Hayley xx

  • Michelle K. Lee

    amazing hair!

  • That’s very sweet, Alex 🙂

  • Shelby Rae

    So beautiful! Looks like a fairy tail :]

  • lovely hairstyle

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa