Blumarine FW 2013-14.


Blumarine Fall Winter 2013-14 is one of my favorite collections from Milan Fashion Week. The neutral and pale colors are the perfect choice for a casual chic style, while the silhouettes are a nice twist, very  “80s”. My favorite look is the first one, the trench with the hat. I find it french and masculine, but utterly sensual at the same time. A reason to that might be the mystery that makes every outfit a lot more attractive. I was quite pleased not to see prints, because that becomes pretty annoying at some point. Patterns are easy to use, as the brain doesn’t get tired of the different colors and it kind of get the impression it’s something different every time, but it is a lot more difficult to create something beautiful in monochrome.



Now the details:



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  • I think so too!
    love this collection!

  • addicted to pastel hues and deep v necks and fur dresses

  • so in love with their collection!

  • Beautiful pastel colours! xxx

  • Beautiful pastel colours!

  • the first oversized pink coat? adorable !!!

  • Blumarine was the brand I fantasized about when I was a kid/teen, and I still love so much what they do. It’s elegant, outstanding and loud.

  • beautiful collection dear 🙂

  • It might not be one of my favourite collections, but it is indeed stunning!

  • Deborah

    Love Blumarine!


  • Lucia

    Love,love Blumarin!!!

  • great pics! the pastel pink bow blouse and the black pleated shirt dress are the looks I like the most

  • One of my favourite shows as well

  • I adore these pale colours

  • wow love it all!

    Hayley xx