Istanbul, Turkey

Mulberry dress (similar HERE) / Forever 21 boots / Laura Maxim backpack 

There is no need to reintroduce my deep love for rooftops. If there are two things I always look forward to when traveling, it is a very local rooftop or an isolated long beach, both inaccessible for tourists. Both, in different ways, make me feel free and peaceful. The rooftop overlooks the city, all the busy people running on the streets, working in their offices, meeting, kissing, falling in love, talking on their phones, saying Goodbye for the last time… The beach overlooks the sea, the ocean, so quiet and enormous compared to the size of one human being; with its own life, a big part of it still unknown to us; so quiet and loud, so peaceful and angry, the sea can be many things, the beginning of life or end of it. Looking at the sea is like looking at the sky at night, it seems so close, but is so infinite and full of mystery and beauty, foreign to us beauty.

And what place do you like the most? Where can you spend hours on your own without getting bored, what makes you feel peaceful?

doina ciobanu mulberry istanbul-33

doina ciobanu mulberry istanbul-22

doina ciobanu mulberry istanbul collage2

doina ciobanu mulberry istanbul-5

doina ciobanu mulberry istanbul-29

doina ciobanu mulberry istanbul-30

doina ciobanu mulberry istanbul-14

doina ciobanu mulberry istanbul-30

doina ciobanu mulberry istanbul-3

doina ciobanu mulberry istanbul collage

doina ciobanu mulberry istanbul-18


Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • Amazingly beautiful!! I’m dying to go there. Love the dress too! 🙂

  • Michèle

    wow what a perfect location and dress


  • A lot of Sun I see! Beautiful look Doina!
    Was it scary looking down?

  • deltreylicious

    Très jolie robe !!!



  • I like going to Garda Lake here in Italy 🙂

  • shelby



  • adore!!


  • Kaja

    god these pictures are beautiful, such an mazing location! and I love the dress 🙂


  • love this look!


  • Thank you! Istanbul is a fascinating city, it’s really worth visiting. Hope you get to see it soon 🙂

  • Not at all! But then I love rooftops so much that I never really feel scared 🙂 x

  • Thank you! I really love the dress too, it’s perfect for spring x

  • Thanks, Hana 🙂

  • Michelle K. Lee

    amazing photos!


  • Fashion Party blog

    Stunning shots, I love this dress!


  • Amazing dress and style!!! I want to visit Instambul too.




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  • Belle melange

    Amazing pics, you look stunning!