Blog Presentation.


Dear readers, It’s been one week since the relaunch of the blog. I have received a lot of feedback on it, most of them positive, others not that much, people telling me that they’re confused with the new website. I’ve decided I should write a post about why i changed it, the new concept and how to use it.

First of all let me tell you that i will not stop posting outfits. Many people have sent me messages of concerns that i might be switching the direction of the blog, so I want to clear that up. Though the website has changed, nothing’s disappeared. I am still posting my outfits as often as i had been before the change. The only difference is that now, between my outfit posts, you can also read something more. The idea was to give you some interesting and useful information, other than only my outfit photos.


At a certain moment I just fell like outfit posts were not enough, at least for me. I wanted the blog to offer people not only inspiration on how to dress, but also other useful things like traveling, cooking, trends, make-up and hair tutorials.

The different categories are like mini blogs on The Golden Diamonds platform. Each has its author, who wanted to share their thoughts and works, but didn’t have a place where to do that.

So let’s start the presentation….

Home Page. 

Here you can see all the posts in a descending order using a:

– grid (the menu when you open the blog)

– list (here you can see the authors of the posts and choose the article according to that)



The first category. This is the place where I am the author and you can find only my posts. This is the part of the blog which many of you have requested, with my outfits.

Here is how it looks as a list


or as a grid



This is the place where you can read articles about fashion trends and latest news. At the moment, the author of this category is a friend of mine, Dorin Rusu, who has a deep understanding of fashion. The photos for trends and news don’t belong to the blog, and are taken from the internet.



I think this is an important part of every blogger’s life.I will be updating you with my travel diaries, events i attend or guides and suggestions.

As I am (and i think i’m not the only one) a big fan of eating delicious dishes, Another section of this category is Food. Xeniya Vodolazskaya will share with you the photos she takes of beautiful and delicious plates, and also the recipes.



The reason I created this section, is because I want to break the stereotypes and myths about models not being intelligent, interesting or not eating anything. This category will be the diaries of two internationally known moldovian models. They are smart girls who I enjoy talking to, not only about the industry we’re all in, but also on philosophical or social topics. They are also both healthy girls, who work out, and EAT! Especially Natalie will confess her love towards all kinds of food, from pizzas to salads.

They will also give you insight into the models world with backstage, outfits or meeting photos.



This is something I had wanted for a long time- a section of Videos. Besides make-up and hair tutorials, there will also be travel diaries and other interesting things like Q&A, room and closet tour, etc.



I think the title says everything about it…. But! There are also gonna be Streetstyle photos, again something I have always wanted to do, but didn’t really have the space and opportunity on the old blog.



I hope this answers all your recent questions. If you want to write us feedback, or give ideas about what you’d like to see on the blog, you can write an e-mail on: [email protected] 

or my personal e-mail: [email protected]

Hope you enjoy it!


  • great! good work 🙂

  • Stian Foss

    I love this design Doina, you made me really interested in Moldova, and your clothing style is really amazing compared to a lot of girls your age 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  • Loretta

    i think the new design and conception is absolutely great!

  • Andrea

    Doina,esti foarte bravo.Ador tot ce fci si aceste schimbari radicale arata ca mergi inainte cu tempouri foarte rapide.Multa bafta iti doresc!!!

  • very integersting post!

  • At first I was confused, when I saw the new design, but now… that’s a great idea! I’m a huge fan of your blog and you almost from the very beggining, I ‘discovered’ you on lookbook and you took my heart by wearing huge white fur and black litas 🙂 the idea of different sections on your blog is fantastic, especially the fashion week and models. I am also looking forward to see the streetstyle section!

  • Okay, that really clears up the confusion! This idea is really great, but I think the major downside is that the blog is now de-personalised, so much so that it seems like its going in the direction of instead of a personal style blog by an individual! But I guess you can gain more fans with this new concept as well, so its a balancing game!

  • Thank you for this post! I’m so excited about your blog’s future! Can’t wait for Q&A and room tour videos:)

  • Thanks for this detailed post about your new blog design, Doina!

    I must admit that when I first saw the new design, I was a little overwhelmed. It’s such a huge difference from your old design! That’s meant in the best way possible of course!
    Even though I will miss just being able to scroll through tons and tons of posts featuring just you, I do have to say that this new layout is pretty exciting. It’ll be super fun learning all sorts of new things and having so much more to read on the blog!

    I’m really looking forward to going through everything new on the blog! 🙂