Into A Paris Quartier.

London, England

Top: Glamorous / Pants: Three Floor (similar HERE) / Backpack: Lulu Guinness / Nialaya Jewelry

I suppose the title has already given me away. Yes, it’s Paris again. Not myself unfortunately, I am not in Paris, I a pretty much in the same old London, but walking around Covent Garden the other day, I found this little corner that brought a Deja-Vu of my favourite city. Perhaps the stripes were the reason, or my straw hat that reminds me of what Gabrielle Chanel used to wear on summer days in the South of France… or maybe the flowers? There is just a lot of little details that make me want to book a ticket to Paris for tomorrow. Oh and believe me, I did look, but then I checked my schedule and realize my life is way too full of responsibilities for that. How ironic, you’d think that since my life consists merely of work I can do online, I can just escape whenever and wherever I want, but unfortunately that’s not really the case…

doina ciobanu french outfit-4

doina ciobanu french outfit

doina ciobanu french outfit-6

doina ciobanu french outfit-9

doina ciobanu french outfit-13

doina ciobanu french outfit-5

doina ciobanu french outfit-12

doinah ciobanu french outfit-2


Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • As beautiful as the Spring in May!

  • Amazing photography! Love the outfit.

  • So chic! Love the cute top and the wide-leggend pants!

  • It’s true that background makes it look a little bit like Paris ^^ Love the outfit, specially the trousers and you look so cute with the canotier hat!
    Next time you’re actually in Paris and you need a photographer let me know!
    Ambitieuse Paris

  • fantastic pics. love the outfit!! <3

  • Ana Krznarić


  • Jolie Laura (Ghitoi Alexandra-

    your sunglasses are perfect!

  • valeria

    Doina, am vizionat de mai multe ori emisiuni cu tine si in una din ele vorbesti despre: o filmare care a fost in Paris la saptamna modei, in care tu iti prezinti garderoba si care a fost difuzata la un post de televiziune renumit din Korea! Am putea si noi vedea aceasta emisiune? Multumim mult.

  • Stefanie

    I really really love the jewelry you have on. I made a few bracelets a month ago that have large colored beads with the moudra, budda etc, but I love that yours has a mix of gold and white and pink. so pretty- and it goes so well with all of your other jewelry!


  • How fun!


  • Lovey Fleming

    Gosh darling how lovely! This outfit is truly Parisian and I love the touch of the flowers. Beautiful golden accessories too 😉


  • Gabriella Kovari

    you are so fab! I really love the outfit! 😀

  • always love your style <3 // NEW POST : MAY WISHLIST

  • Ahhh ce zambet frumos ai! Imi place mult tinuta 🙂 Liuba x

  • Vanessa James

    Love the wide-legged trousers!! x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  • Michelle K. Lee

    love this look 🙂