Birkenstock Liebe.

Barcelona, Spain

 Mango jacket (similar HERE or HERE)/ Prada top (similar HERE) / Saint Laurent Betty bag (in black HERE) / Mango jeans (similar HERE) / Zara birkenstock shoes / Malvensky ring (similar HERE and HERE)

Yes, me too; yes, yes, they’re pretty comfortable; and yes, I just love how they look, those funny birkenstock sandals. Who would have ever thought that the shoes worn by everyone in the FSU, would come back as a major trend decades later. My grandmother’s reaction? “Ohhh, I used to own a pair of those, they were so comfortable!”. Granny approves, so do I need anything else?

At the beginning, all my being rejected the idea of birks. But then, gradually, I started liking those weirdoes that give a cool “rebellious” twist to an outfit. However, it wasn’t until I tried them on with a skirt, in the Zara changing room, and my heart jumped out of my chest, and my thoughts all twisted in lack of understanding how can something so ridiculous, look so good? In the end, here I am, with a pair of white birkenstocks, contemplating to get a black pair too…


IMG_9273  IMG_9313


IMG_9284 IMG_9292      IMG_9301


IMG_9298     IMG_9318






Photos by Anouska Brandon

  • great outfit!

  • Love the outfit <3 – New new post !

  • j’adore!

  • these soooo rock !

  • Oльга

    Какая ты естественная и красивая!!Я не сторонник этой обуви,но я думаю что они очень удобные.

  • love this outfit

  • aaah you look stunning as always! Love your slippers:)

  • Good for you, I also started likinh this sandals hahaha, never thought I will :))

  • Haha one of the funniest descriptions…if grandma approves, you must be doing something right! On the other hand, for some reason, they don’t look very comfy, maybe if they were more bendy you know, at the sole? And does this mean flip flops and crocs will make a couture comeback?

  • Love them too!

  • super love the outfit and the beachview 🙂

  • Love this outfit on you! It makes me want to run out and buy a pair of Birks even though I’ve been resisting all this time, ha ha

  • Amazing look, so classy and chic! Great description about the feeling towards the Birkenstocks, they’re so comfy for travelling. x

  • Top!

  • Marie

    Oh My God 🙂
    I just walked to an Birkenstock Store and now I read this article.
    My father wears them and I think I need them too
    Love our outfit, as always
    Greeting and hugs my dear

  • amazing dear!

  • I guess I should get a pair 😛

  • I used to think those shoes were weird when they first came out but now they’ve kinda grown on me.

  • I don’t normally like the Birks but you look amazing with them on!

  • U look beautiful. Nice pics.

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  • прекрасная!

  • Alexandra

    Vai papucii ii iubesc!!! Imi doresc foarte mult si eu unii, o sa caut la zara sa vad daca i-au adus, se potrivesc aproape la orice tinuta de zi, iar tie iti vin manusa! Sunt comozi, nu ? Si jeansii sunt foarte frumosi 🙂

  • Simple and chic outfit! xx

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  • amazing outfit x
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  • Love this combo 🙂