London, England

Addison shirt / Abercrombie & Fitch sweater (similar HERE)/ Escada suit pants / Nike Air Max trainers / MaxMara camel coat / Maurice Lacroix watch 

From Shoreditch to Notting Hill, from yoghurt with berries for breakfast, to salad for dinner. Reading on the tube, working from your iPad in a quite cafe between meetings, coffee with a friend, coffee with an agent, coffee alone, a serious coffee overdose. Big cities are no joke, no matter what you do, they change your lifestyle entirely. Here starts my adventure in one of the most important cities in the world, and acknowledging that makes it even harder, as if I now have to share its “grandiosity”. Ahhh, complicated thing is this life…

Doina ciobanu sporty suit-2 Doina ciobanu sporty suit-9

Doina ciobanu sporty suit-10  Doina ciobanu sporty suit-3

Doina ciobanu sporty suit-6

Doina ciobanu sporty suit-7  Doina ciobanu sporty suit-8

Doina ciobanu sporty suit-4

Photo: Daniel Dykes

  • stunning post !!

  • Very interesting combination of styles <3

  • casual chic!

  • Very chic outfit.

  • Wow amazing look. Love the pants so much 🙂

    xx Mira

  • Awesome outfit!

  • great outfit. Big cities are tough but they are also full of life 🙂

  • Those Air Max are just purely perfection!

  • Eva

    Love the colour palette

  • Isabelle

    You are beautiful,love your coat and pants!

  • Those silver coloured pants are great! Love it 🙂

  • love the look! simple and chic

  • Oh gosh!! I am completely head over heels in love your jumper and coat!!

  • This look is so cool and relaxed, I can’t help but love it. ^^

  • Katerini

    You look absolutely perfect!!Love

  • Love it

  • amazing dear!!!

  • Perfect look and sneakers!

  • M

    Gorg !


  • Loove!!! <3

  • I love the combo of the grey and camel! So chic <3