My Best Sale Finds.

London, England

Fendi coat (similar coat HERE and fur HERE) / Levi’s sweater / Zara leggings (similar HERE) / Lulu Guinness rucksack (small version HERE) / Linda Farrow sunglasses / Gianvito Rossi shoes

There is no way to express my excitement when  i find what I want in my size for sale. As much as I love Boxing Day and the beginning of the shopping madness that last for weeks, there are always (starting this year) 2 things that hold me back:

1. No way am I getting out of the house on a day as crazy as the 26th of December in London;
2. Even if I do, what’s the point since the sales are usually a serious piece of marketing eye jam, and it’s nearly impossible to find anything you like properly reduced, or in stock.

So after going through the hell of shopping chaos on Oxford Street (the only place left with no mobile signal is the underworld and probably Oxford Circus, which makes you wonder…), followed by a useless trip to Harrods (you’re lucky to get 15% off something), my body decided to play sick and chain me to my bed.

Here comes the blessing of online shopping, Oh I pray to thee, great invention of the always busy  generation. A call from my boyfriend encouraging me to get my arse off the couch and enlighten myself with the sale news on my laptop, brought my credit card to a deep financial wound. After going through a few websites… Actually only two, Burberry and Net-a-Porter (my bank statement never let me carry on with my very brave shopping mood), I ended up with something I call some of my best ever sale finds.

I still can’t believe I got my hands on these Gianvito Rossi absolute hotties I’ve been dreaming of for months (along with these thigh high Stella McCartney boots). And not only did I get my hands on them, I ordered a 39.5, which turned out to be quite tight, and the next day I had no problem returning and getting them in half a size bigger. I mean, how the hell did I get this lucky?? Normally the best shoes sold out before you blink, but this time I even got the time to change my size. God must have thought I’d been a good hard working lady in 2014. I’m all for that, please keep up with the divine support!

doina ciobanu french winter-18

doina ciobanu french winter-25

doina ciobanu french winter

doina ciobanu french winter-5

doina ciobanu french winter-9

doina ciobanu french winter-8

doina ciobanu french winter-14

doina ciobanu french winter-16

doina ciobanu french winter-6

doina ciobanu french winter-17

Photos: Daniel Dykes


  • Magnifique!!!

  • oh my god !! this is perfect head to toe !! i seriously need this elegant coat with fluffy fur !

  • nat

    those 2 points definitely held me back from doing boxing day shopping but i still ended up going opps
    but yes online shopping for the win!

  • Oльга

    Я всегда восхищаюсь твоим стилем!Очень нравиться пальто,обувь и особенно сумка-рюкзак❤️

  • Killer outfit!

  • Ce look est parfait !


  • Beautiful! I love your heels.

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  • Ohmy, you look absolutely stunning!

    Printed or Plain

  • Great look using neutral colors – I love it! 🙂

  • wow! so stunning

  • You look beyond amazing here Doina!!


  • These boots and the coat are simply gorgeous! What a cool outfit!

  • Juan

    Hello Doina!!These pictures are absolutely stunning,love it!

  • Sim

    I love your hair in this post so much! *-*

  • stunning shoes! lucky you! 😀

  • love your coat!

  • The Fendi coat is such a steal! So Dainty and Chic too!

  • This outfit is so awesome! I can’t get over it.