Before Leaving.


 Only a few more days till I leave for Milan and everything I can think about right now is how to manage to prepare for the double fashion dose, as after Milan I’m heading straight to Paris.

My suitcases are empty, waiting to be packed smartly… yeah of course! I am not so not good at that, moreover when it’s a long-time trip.

During fashion weeks, I try to plan every outfit, otherwise it’s just impossible to bring everything with you and figure out what to wear when you’re there. Of course I change my mind sometimes, but on the whole the basic pieces remain, and i just play with them. You know the most difficult part isn’t even the day wear, a.k.a. the outfits for shows, but the evening looks that include party and casual (or the “touristic” ones for walking kilometres) clothing. These should be both comfortable and stylish, different, but also balanced. That’s when I usually end up realizing I bring too many “sophisticated” pieces. Well this time I’ve decided I would make a list of all the things I should take with me and strictly follow it.

I am even thinking about doing a post on the basic things you need to have in your suitcase, what do you think?

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I was wearing:

men’s shirt from Boss
jeans from Mango
coat from MaxMara
shoes from Versace
bag from Celine

  • Dana

    lovely shirt!!!

  • Jules

    yes, a post with basics would be nice! i can’t wait to see your outfits for milan and paris

  • Ida

    Great outfit!

  • Kacie

    You look so cute!!!I love all the details in your outfit!

  • Chiar mi-ar placea un post de genu.Apropo,geniale schimbarile facute blogului.
    Te admir foarte mult.
    O cititoare din Romania,care spera sa te intalneasca candva.Te pup cu drag :*~

  • can’t wait new photos from Milan!!
    awesome look!

  • woah, vreau acea camasa 🙂

  • Yu Jin

    Will you go to Milan?! Amazing!
    I was sad that you didn’t attend all the fashion weeks
    but this time, at least you’re going to Milan and Paris! That would be great!
    I’m looking forward to it.

    (I love the renovation of the Golden Diamonds.)

  • Ice

    Hi Doina! may i suggest a mobile version (not an app) for your blog? I think you have it before on the old one :))

  • Ayah

    Yeah that would be a fabulous idea! It would help A LOT!

  • Rachel

    Perfect outfit!!

  • Maria

    Ador stilul tau,esti foarte deosebita.

  • rux

    you look amazing dear


  • regina

    pack whatever is comfortable, you have basic pieces that will stand out no matter what. Fashion week doesnt have to be a circus like some people make it out to be

  • love it <3

  • Louise

    Love your coat and bag!!

  • Polina

    Doina, hello! Somehow your posts don’t appear on blogloving 🙁 It happend after new design…

  • You’re so fantastic <3

    by Marta Antolínez.

  • gorgeous look 🙂 I love your shoes 🙂

  • Boots are amazing!

  • Larisa

    You a beautiful ! Great style!!!

  • Valerie

    cum îţi îngrijeşti părul? cum îl aranjezi?

  • Yes, please do a post like that, I think it’ll be useful! But I’m just wondering, how do you afford all your clothing? You always seem to be wearing clothes from high-end brands!

  • love the print under!

  • GOrgeous outfit, your jacket and shoes are beautiful!!!! I want them so much 🙁 lol

    Hayley xx

  • YES PLEAAASE ! Do a post about the basics we need in our suitcase ! That’s such a needed post haha 🙂 ! Your look is stunning by the way, your haircut suits it perfectly