Beanie up!.



After such a cold and snowy haute couture week in Paris, the most popular accessory on streets and runway became a lightweight oversized beanie. Not a simple, boring black one, which will never make someone turn their head around. But a bright colored one.


Despite the public opinion, it is not an accessory that can be worn only during Winter time. In Spring, Autumn, and chilly transitions through the seasons, the beanie will finish your look with a defining color spot. Wear it with or without glasses,  with a scarf of a different shade or no scarf at all. Be sure that once you found the perfect beanie, and combined it well, you’ll look fabulous! Especially if you forgot to wash your hair.

And remember dears – whatever you wear, always dress to kill!

image_37 image_36

  • coool!!!!

  • Oare de unde o fi aia albastra? Pare materialul asa fain in ea.

  • Dorin Rusu

    Silvia, buna! Poti gasi aceasta caciula pe site-ul in accesorii.

  • Dress to kill – of course! The Man Repeller also recently did a post about beanies; seems like its a huge trend! Though I wish I live in a cold country so I can rock some beanies!

  • I love beanis so much! I do need to add way more to my collection though! 😀 Its definitely one of my favourite trends!

    Hayley xx