Do you know how frustrating it is when your favorite place in the city is closed for months? You have nowhere interesting to go, you can’t meet all your friends together, you can’t listen to good music, you can’t dance… Really boring!

But do you know the excitement of finding out it’s reopening?? You can imagine, pure euphoria.

That’s my story with Barbarella, my favorite club in the city… in the country… ok whatever, just my all time favorite club!! Two weeks ago a new season started. I was very happy when I received the invite, as I knew it would be something spectacular, and I wasn’t wrong. Hercules and Love Affair were invited to hold a live concert.  My friends and I finally had the chance to dance and enjoy a wonderful night atmosphere.

barbarella3barbarella4 barbarella5barbarella2photos courtesy of Barbarella


  • must been awesome 🙂

  • hercules and love affair??
    wow i crave to see them!!!

  • Nice pics, and club! Who is that girl near you? sister? 😀

  • Gorgeous people!

  • perfect!
    I love this too!

  • Looks fun!

  • Juls

    I love your style, you’re amazing!

  • Wow! It looks gorgeous over there.


    Style of Purity

  • You’re one of my inspirations
    I love this!!

  • I love this dress and her style. Vintage is never out of fashion!

  • The second photo is really nice. To be honest, I haven’t been to any place like this. And all the photos are quite fashionable.

  • I never been to Barbarella,so maybe someday I will go to there if have an chance.