August Playlist.

It’s already August, can you believe it? I am starting my graduation year in one month…
That sounds really scary, but I am going to work really hard for everything to be ok, I promise!
For now, let’s listen to some nice songs, loves.

Have a beautiful day! 


  • SM

    Such a cool song!

  • cool playlist!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks!! Do you have formspring?it’s funny 🙂

  • made my morning :)

  • made my morning:)


  • Love, love, love this song!

  • great song. have to add it to my playlist!

  • Anonymous

    Foarte draguta postarea. Mi-au placut in mod deosebit “Princess of China”, “Paris”, “She always get what she wants”… Ar fi foarte fain sa faci la fiecare luna cite un post muzical. Ms pentru buna dispozitie si multa bafta!

  • I love the fact that you like lana del rey! She’s such amazing! I like your playlist!:) Sparkle On The Floor

  • Anonymous

    nu e asa de grea clasa a12a, vorbind in modul in care am fost la profil real, oricum bafta 🙂

  • great list!