August Plans.


Giorgio Armani sunglasses/ Avene Eau Thermale/ Bioderma Sunscreen/ Yves Saint Laurent Voluptee/ Chanel No.5/ Maurice Lacroix watch/ Faber Castell fountain pen/ handmade diary 

Hitting the road again! In the past two months I’ve travelled so much, I can’t even properly unpack, because as soon as I do that, I need to pack again. However, I am not complaining at all, this is the happiest period of my life!

This time I’m gonna travel by car (or at least for a few days). You can’t imagine how much I adore road trip , but there is never enough time for them. I’ll try to keep you updated about my traveling experience, for that make sure to check my Instagram, as that’s where I usually post my daily life photos. So in a few days I’ll be on a sunny beach in the South of  France… In Saint Tropez and Nice to be more specific. I’ll meet my friends there and finally take some time off.

Right after that, London! I haven’t seen it in such a long time, so you can imagine my excitement. I hope the weather is good and I get to see everything I plan to.

By the way, if any of you, guys, want to meet up in any of my destination cities, e-mail me on [email protected], and if I have some free time, we can set up a meeting!

For the brands: [email protected]


Now I’ll go back to the car and continue my trip.

Have a nice day everyone!
Doina x

  • it would be great to maybe meet up in london! i’m a big fan and truly inspired by your blog!
    enjoy your summer adventures and i can’t wait to read all about them


  • Enjoy it dear!


  • cool!
    wish you good luck!;)

  • amazing!!!

  • beautiful nail color darling

  • enjoy!!

  • I wish you a nice holidays and the safe trip!!!

  • I would love to meet you, but unfortunately I won’t be in any of these cities 🙁

    Enjoy your holidays!


    Lea Hudson, fashion & nail art blog

  • Love all the traveling you do!

  • sounds amazing!

  • WOW!I envy you that trips.

  • Sabina

    Beautiful nail!!Enjoy!

  • nice! have fun 🙂

  • I love your nail polish! Can’t wait for your posts about your travels!

  • I’ll keep your email address and in future, if I do travel, I will definitely keep you in mind =)