Attending an Eco Show.



So today I want to introduce you to “Hai Moldova”, which is an action initiated by a non-governmental moldavian organisation whose primary interest is to keep our country clean and beautiful. 
Last Sunday I got invited to a totally new event for me, an Eco Show organized by “Hai Moldova”. It was really interesting, as the idea of the show was the recycling of the material we use, into fashion products. All the items were the creations of young designers from the National University of Arts. I have to say, I would never ever find a way to dress up in bottle caps, cardboard, nuts, waste bags and other plastic rubbish, so BRAVO, guys!!

Speaking about the outfit, you are just going to have to wait until tomorrow, so that I can sort out all the photos and show them to you properly. 

Have a lovely Wednesday, loves!

  • very cool! I was just reading about up-cycled jewelry and how mining for new metals is very bad for the environment <

  • lovely bag!i want to look it more)Polly with lovefollow)

  • DOINA I LOVE YOUR SHOES! PRETTY AS ALWAYShope you follow me back xoxoAlee.

  • great pics and love your outfit :)x For Happy Days

  • Love the bag!!Please visit my blog!

  • Alina

    Ce bine te prinde palaria.Pozele sunt interesante si BRAVO la organizatori.

  • love your look here!

  • Love the look!! lovely!! Kiss<3

  • you look perfect! it seems like a fun show!!

  • loving your heels!xx

  • Alexa

    You look so pretty.Lovely bag and hat.

  • Wow, you look fabulous!!

  • Stunning photos, so cool!x

  • Stunning photos, so cool!x

  • The first picture of you is just stunning ! -P.Bowtie Diary

  • very beautiful your

  • those are really creative pieces

  • That does sound like great program!xoxo~Natasha Fatah~~Natasha Fatah~

  • Felicia

    Foarte interesant.Tinerii ce au creat colectiile au depus o munca enorma.Multumim pentru aceasta postare.

  • Felicia

    Foarte interesant.Tinerii ce au creat colectiile au depus o munca enorma.Multumim pentru aceasta postare.

  • camasaaaa:X

  • reminds me of the high school fashion show i modeled forgreat event 🙂

  • Adorable pictures!xoxo,

  • Great outfit!I really love your shoes!Xoxo

  • I love the idea about recycling and create fashion, I’m in love with the second dress and I can’t wat to see all the photos of you outfit.

  • Great concept for being eco-friendly! can’t wait to see the next photos! xx

  • Anonymous

    Hope to raise money for UNICEF’s work for children. You can support this event on this page

  • what a wonderfull event. Love the outfit you chose

  • Anonymous

    I’m in love your shoes thank you doina Love you <3

  • You look stunning! LOve the blouse, so gorgeous the pearl detail!

  • Love the hat…♥