Verona, Italy

In the previous post I told you about my trip to Verona with Intimissimi, but didn’t mention the purpose of it.

The city we all know as the home of one of the most beautiful and saddest stories, the story of Romeo and Juliet, is also the hometown of one of the most popular lingerie brands today, Intimissimi. Verona is the place where magic is born; in a huge headquarter, with a big team and lots of inspiration. This year the company decided to organize a big fashion show… Or actually a few to be more specific (for the buyers, press, members of the Calzedonia group, etc). That is the reason I am here, for the Presentation of the Winter Lingerie Collection, which you’ll see on my blog in the next few days.

Doina x

DSC02827intimissimi1 DSC02840intimissimi1

  • Cool photos! Verona is a great city!

  • Enjoy your stay. Can’t wait to see the collection 😀

    xx Mira

  • enjoy !! 🙂

  • beautiful place!

  • it sounds nice! enjoy your stay!


  • can’t wait to hear more about it!

  • Alina

    Superb!!!Felicitari si savureaza din plin!

  • Have fun!


    Style of Purity

  • beautiful!

  • Enjoy your stay there! It seems to be such a beautiful city, I’d love to visit it someday!

  • Nice scenery from the plane =)