Alllday Backstage



The backstage photos from the New Year shooting for Alllday. I want to thank one again the whole
team and the Dessange beauty salon, which in my opinion is one of the best in the city!


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  1. Taelin   |     |   Reply

    your hair is so amazing! xx

  2. The Fancy Teacup   |     |   Reply

    You are an absolute doll, so retro chic!

  3. Plami   |     |   Reply

    You’re stunning!XoXoPlami

  4. Michelle Lee   |     |   Reply

    amazing photos :)BB cream GIVEAWAY (international)

  5. Joana   |     |   Reply

    You look so beautiful :)

  6. Fashion is for idiots [like us]   |     |   Reply

    Beautiful you!You look like a 20s Beautyqueen! <3fashion is for idiots [like us]

  7. fumz.x   |     |   Reply

    You look amazing so elegant, great pictures.x

  8. Antonia-Ivana   |     |   Reply

    These pictures are way too gorgeous.

  9. HRHobsession   |     |   Reply

    I love this look! I’ll have to keep my eyes opened for a dress and jacket like that one!

  10. Paula.   |     |   Reply

    que blazier mas mona un besito desde

  11. lisa signorini   |     |   Reply

    I checked your blog and I like it sooo much!Visit my blogand if it like u we can follow each other!kiss

  12. FashionFreak/Mihaela   |     |   Reply

    you look gorgeous. my blog♥mfashionfreak

  13. Lia   |     |   Reply

    love love love the polka dot dress look! yay big hair!

  14. Fenny   |     |   Reply

    absolutely gorgeous! love all the pic in this post!

  15. Christy U lam   |     |   Reply

    You look stunning gorgeous !! beautiful hair.Christy

  16. Sasa Valencia   |     |   Reply

    love it♥

  17. Virgit   |     |   Reply

    your hair looks so beautiful indeed good hairdressers and awesome pictures love it

  18. Charlene Gondo   |     |   Reply

    my goodness. Stunning! I really cant say a word, i just wanted to copy all of those looks for Christmas. Summer Flounce

  19. Caroline.   |     |   Reply

    wow, you look really amazing with such a beautifull outfit!!

  20. lucia m   |     |   Reply

    love it!!!!http://www.aroundlucia.comhttp://www.aroundlucia.com

  21. B the mermaid   |     |   Reply

    how perfect! those shoes with the pink dress and the black one is so wonderful. very

  22. Cat's Eyes   |     |   Reply

    Beautiful pictures!!! i love it!!happy Xmas day!looks my blog, new post! love <3xoxo

  23. D.   |     |   Reply

    wow, the red jacket ad black skirt look so sad. not to mention the last dress..looks like a party dress from the beginning of the 90’s :) i’m sure you didn’t like them either. I love your hair and the black dress worn with those sandals. It was by far the best look of those 3.

  24. TracyJackson   |     |   Reply

    nice photo and outfit !! your blog is very cool