Aleenta Phuket Hotel.

Phuket, Thailand

Though back to snow and cold, pictures from Thailand keep me warm and bring back lovely memories. I was lucky I had the chance to use Canon 70D, which is an awesome camera for lifestyle pictures, which i’ve been so excited to show you. I’ll start from the beginning, that is the first hotel I stayed at during my trip to Thailand- Aleenta Phuket. The hotel was booked through my new favorite traveling website, the Luxe Nomad, that offers incredible sales and promotions all year round, for luxury destinations from Thailand to Mexico. 

Aleenta Phuket is a luxury resort, located not 20 minutes North from the Phuket Airport. It’s not really on the island itself, but it’s on the picturesque Natai Beach. Yes, the beach. When it comes to beaches, I am very hard to please, and it is not because I enjoy frying my skin the whole day. What I truly enjoy are evening walks, feeling the ocean water touching your feet every few seconds, observing the cute little crabs chaotically running around, watching a majestic sunset over the Indian Ocean, and being caught in a tropical storm; that is my kind of beach. 3km to the North, you’ll find an old pier, populated exclusively by local people, with another very quiet hotel on your way there; to the South, pristine land of sand.

I must confess, there is not much to do around, as the whole area is so local and untouched. However, as long as Aleenta keeps serving delicious food, have coconut water for breakfast, and the funny Thai woman comes to sell sorbet in the street, it works perfectly for a relaxing vacation.

Relax. That is something you should know about. The idea of the resort is no kids under 12, which allows the other guests to enjoy the quiet environment and virgin beach. The room is a smartly designed duplex, that gives a special kind of privacy.

During my stay, the hotel came up with a small surprise, and took us to the Turtle and Marine Sanctuary, which they sponsor and take care of. Never in my life before had I thought turtles can be that bright (see in the picture below)! That impressed, because it actually showed how much local people care about the environment, and try to stop tourists from destroying it.

Hope you found this useful, and do let me know about your impressions if you ever visit the hotel! I’ll go dream about some other destinations the Luxe Nomad has to offer…













Selected photos by Fashionising

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