A Russian Doll.


As my native country, Moldova, is situated between two totally different regions, Europe and all
the ex sovietic countries, it has been influenced a lot by the both parts. People, especially in the rural
areas, still keep the old traditions and style, which have a lot in comon with the russian culture.
The headscarves and doll alike looks are a part of that. Elegant, classy and girly at the same time,
this outfit is inspired by the beautiful history of the Eastern European nations.

vintage scarf, MaxMara coat, h&m top, Yves Saint Laurent boots



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  • Diana

    “People, especially in the ruralareas, still keep the old traditions and style, which have a lot in comon with the russian culture.”I will agree that the people still keep the traditions and style, but they don’t have much in common with a russians one in our moldavian villages. Maybe in the russian villages, cause they are russian! 🙂 our national popular costume has nothing to do with the russian one! It’s moldavian and it’s spread all over the old Moldavia, a part of it is in Romania and a part of it was taken by russians and became the Republic of Moldova.Your outfit is lovely and yes , i agree that it’s inspired from the Matrioshka style. Congrats for your taste! Very feminine! Although i bet that the Lolita chic style will suit you as well. 🙂 Keep it like this, Doina, and take a look on that http://www.100-100.ro/The good work of a french designer inspired by the romanian traditional style.