80s Sweater.


I have finally found the perfect sweater for this winter, thanks to Romwe. The geometry, the bright
colors and the feeling of the 80s, makes me want to wear it everytime I am cold.
What do you think about the hairstyle? I am obsessed with braids, but I never get to have some
photos taken wearing my hair like this.

sweater and blouse thanks to Romwe, Sam Edelman old Zoe boots, Massimo Duti leggings



  • The jumper is total eye candy. xhttp://www.TheFancyTeacup.com

  • Love the boots but I am fell in love with your leggings , are they from this season Doina?:)Love from Spain!Check out my blog :http://www.likeabirkin.blogspot.com

  • Dia

    Prima data cu cositsa impletita, dar intr-adevar te prinde bine!xo Diahttp://diamoraru.blogspot.com/

  • wow!! that sweater is so colorful! love it!!xxLaurahttp://www.pursesandi.com

  • o minunatie de pulover !

  • The pictures are absolutely beautiful – love your style and your hair looks fantastic!Tanja – PureGlam.tv or via Bloglovin

  • loving it!

  • You look gorgeous! Love the boots!XoXoPlamihttp://www.fashionthrill.com/

  • wow, that definitely rocks!Super cool look! xfashion is for idiots [like us]fashion is for idiots [like us]

  • Your whole outfit is gorgeous! definitely love the sweater!Kisses from Portugal xcheck my new blog, it’s still a baby, but I get a lot of inspiration from you :)http://callme-jo.blogspot.com/

  • pretty pretty sweater :)http://www.pinklemonincrystal.blogspot.com

  • great sweater!!

  • Love the sweater!http://sweetraspberryjam.blogspot.com/

  • your sweater is so amazing!with love,your opinion is VERY important for me!http://chocarome.blogspot.com/

  • its realy prety..I love it 🙂 u are so lucky.

  • Loooove the Sam Edelman boots! And the perspective of them in the pictures you are sitting :)xxx

  • woowo great sweater!love itand love your hair too

  • oh, i LOVE your braid! x

  • I love the perspective of the pictures, in which you sit. The boots look even more fabulous than they already are with this perspective.http://www.antoniaivana.blogspot.com

  • Hey! very beautiful vest! love it!

  • what a beautiful braid! ♥

  • here we go!I was missing your cool, chic outfits. recently you’ve been dressing more ladylike/older, but this style suits you more!x

  • FTD

    Love your blog:)and love your outfit! :)XoXo

  • cute sweater.. Love your boots! oteteot

  • M.

    You look great! 🙂

  • Nice colour ! It looks so cozy .via-fortunata.blogspot.com