TREND ALERT: Puffer jacket and stirrup pants.

Paris, France

Alessandra de Tomaso jacket / Paul Smith skirt / Pritch London stirrup socks / Christian Louboutin shoes / Salar bag

You’ve probably been wondering if I’m alright, or if you see my updates on Instagram you’re probably thinking I’m the least serious person. I promise you neither are true! The past few months have been SO insanely busy with fashion weeks and offline projects that it’s just been impossible to find time to update. Also my new flat hasn’t had internet as the building had a wiring problem so updating the blog became impossible, by the time I went into the city to do it I’d have a new meeting or deadline up and then I’d have to just leave the post unfinished.

Here now, writing from the Indian Ocean, Seychelles to be more specific. Wanted to share more photos of this look as many of you were intrigued by it back when I wore it at PFW. Implementing 2 of this season’s biggest trends:

-puffer jacket as seen at Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Marques ‘ Almeida and many others. Mine is from the insanely cool new Italian brand I discovered, Alessandra de Tomaso. What I love about it the most is not even the shape but the length and back inscription.

-stirrup pants, as seen at Marni, Balenciaga and Versace. I’m actually so freaky excited about this as I never got to wear them too much in the 90s and absolutely adored them, so it’s great to be able to experiment with something considered unfashionable for so many years. In my case they’re actually suede socks that my friend Arina Pritch made especially for me (you’re my hero!). I chose to wear them underneath the pleated skirt for an edgier look paired with these very chic Christian Louboutin pumps.















  • Three trends if we want to be totally honest – that pleated skirt – I have seen them everywhere lately! 🙂
    Though as always – perfect in its own right.


  • Daniela Dermengi

    e combinat reușit cromatic, dar ca și piese vestimentare – emmm, foarte îndrăzneț 🙂 eu una nu aș reuși 🙂

  • so cool!


  • Dylana

    So amazing!


  • Ev

    Love your skirt!

  • A daring look that suits you very well!

  • Lovey Fleming

    Such a hot rod! Love this stunning look

  • viktoria

    you look gorgeous

  • Obsessed with how you combined them together! Two trends that go together so well and I love how fearless you are with both the trends – you’ve just incorporated so many colours and they work so beautifully together!

    I hate when the internet doesn’t work -.- I hope it all gets fixed soon and that you are enjoying the Seychelles! You’re holiday pictures are amazing!


  • Kim

    I really hope your get a bad infection or fungus and you get your face botched next time you get things done to it. Its so obvious that you had lip fillers. you look more fake and basic than ever. I remember your days when you had natural lips and looked so much like kendall. Man youre such a wanna be. You have no identity . Youre so shallow and fake you disgust me. You were a natural beauty now your face is half juvederm half lies . Reconsider your decisions liar.

  • Kim

    I pray that you f up your face with more plastic surgery and your lip injections go wrong. Hope you destroy whats left of that fake face

  • Ollyvia Laura

    omg such a beautiful skirt ever


  • Илья Трифоненков

    Incredible combination of clothes.