Exactly 6 years ago, at 11:50, my life changed completely. 

I grew up 12 years as a single child. I had always wanted a sisterhood just like the “Olsens”, always arguing, always competing, always pretending to be the most adored child, but still doing everything together, fighting with everyone who would ever dare to touch or speak rudely to your sister and loving each other more than anything… that’s the sisterhood I had dreamed about until the 3rd of September 2006.  

6 years and 8months ago

Dad, mom & I just got back from a ski trip. My mom was feeling unusual, so a friend recommended her to take a pregnancy test. Well, why not? It was nothing at the moment. She didn’t even tell me about that, however, she couldn’t hide it for long, so when I found it I “made” her to take it immediately. After a while (I really don’t remember the amount of minutes you have to wait), we both had a look at those red lines and saw…. a + !!!! (for those who don’t know, a plus, or II is a positive result of the pregnancy test). I got in some kind of a trance, I couldn’t believe that could be possible. 

6 years and 6-5months ago

We all went to the ultrasonography together, to see the baby inside my mommy’s belly for ourselves. We all had tears on our faces, and that was when I got the first images of my unborn brother-sister (and I would be caring those in my wallet for about 5years, until it would get stolen). It was too early to tell the sex of the child.

6 years and 4-3months ago 

Our obstetrician told us we can try and get a clearer image of our growing child, and even find out if it’s a girl or a boy. We went to another ultrasonography, more accurate and modern, which showed us the baby almost in color, some kind of yellow… and we could see the small nose, the fingers, forehead, closer eyes… it was a girl!!! The dream of my life was coming true and I couldn’t believe the happiness. Even if the news didn’t make my dad too happy at the beginning, everything was going to change very soon….

6 years and 2months ago

My parents asked me to choose a name for my sister, making me the happiest older sister on the planet. Bianca, that was my choice. 

6 years and 2weeks ago

The pregnancy had been going very well up until two weeks before the birth of my sister. Because my sister was as stubborn as she is now, she decided to suddenly turn 180* leaving no other choice except for caesarean birth. So we accurately chose the date when we wanted her to be born. The 3rd day of autumn, 2 days before my dad’s birthday.

6years ago

I am waiting for someone to come out of the surgery room and tell me at least something. Really nervous, all stressed out, very afraid if my sister was going to love me or not, and finally! I see a man dressed all in white doctor clothes, with a baby in his hands. It was my dad who had assisted at the birth procedure, the child in his hands was my… Bianca! I felt a strong connection, even before understanding it was her.

Now. 3rd September 2012.

The light of my life. The reason of my aspirations. My eyes in blindness. My hope in purity. My heart. My soul. My happiness. My Bianca…. 


I hope I didn’t bore you with this short story of the most important part of my life, and I truly hope you all have someone to love as much as I love my sister, because that is what makes us raise and fight.

I am not a big fan of long cliche phrases, so I just want you to know, my baby-sister, as I hope you will get to read this one day, I love you more than anything. You always were, you always are and you always will be my life. 

Love you,

  • Awww Happy Birthday to your sister. She’s soo pretty!!Good genes definitely runs in your family 😀

  • She is a little angel. You are lucky to have each other.By the way, I think it’s the most beautifully written post in here. Keep writing)

  • SM

    This is so sweet!Happy birthday Bianca!http://untrucoudeux.wordpress.com/

  • happy b day 😀 :Dxxhttp://www.ireneccloset.com

  • Ioana

    Wonderful pics! Happy birthday to Bianca! You girls are made in heaven! 😉

  • My sister is about to give birth to her son in a week or two, so this is really fitting for me today 🙂 I haven’t been old enough to know how it feels to have a baby in the family, but this time I am. I think it’s a really sweet story.

  • Anda

    Happy birthday Bianca!!!

  • Marina

    Felicitari!!!Este o dulce,sa te bucuri de ea.

  • I can totally relate to that! My baby sister is my everything <3 Happy birthday Bianca 🙂

  • such a cute post! happy bday to your sis

  • Happy birthday Bianca!

  • Happy birthday to your sister!! Such a nice post. I have a little sister who I feel the same about! Casuallydapper.blogspot.com

  • What a lovely post! 🙂 There is definitely some resemblance there! She’s a cutie.

  • cute!!http://youngandimpressionablee.blogspot.com.au/xx

  • Adelina

    La multi ani!!Sunteti foarte fericite ,fiindca va aveti una pe alta.

  • Adelina

    La multi ani!!Sunteti foarte fericite ,fiindca va aveti una pe alta.

  • Happy bday Bianca!!să crești mare puiule!O fetiță ft drăguță!!P.S:pot să știu cu ce aparat photo au fost făcute pozele?și în general cu ce aparat photo sunt făcute pozele tale.

  • Happy bday Bianca!!să crești mare puiule!O fetiță ft drăguță!!P.S:pot să știu cu ce aparat photo au fost făcute pozele?și în general cu ce aparat photo sunt făcute pozele tale.

  • La multi ani Biancai!Inteleg perfect ce simti si eu am un fratior cu 13 ani mai mic, pe care-l iubesc enorm 🙂

  • Happy birthday little Bianca! Your story moved me!I have a little brother 12 years younger than me and I totally recognized this strong feeling!Wish you two a lot of happiness! With a sister like you, I am sure Bianca will become and is already a marvelous person. xoxoJulia from aboyeur.blogspot.com

  • So sweet, very warm and lovely post. You have cute and adorable baby sister! You didn’t bore us with your post- this is the most important in life – the family!

  • Happy B-Day, little princess !!! 🙂

  • ce cuvinte frumoase!!!!! La multi ani Bianca!!!

  • reading this brought tears in my eyes!!its so unique to feel that kind of love..so happy birthday to your little sis.she is such a doll.and i wish she grows up happy and healthy and with many moments to come and share along with you that will include many laughters and joy

  • Happy birthday to your cute little sister :)))))Desislavahttp://truedreamcatcher.blogspot.com

  • This is the most adorable post I have ever seen!Happy birthday happy birthday to your darling little sister Bianca!I hope you enjoys her day and spends it doing all the things she loves with the people she loves most in the world <3Reading this post brought a few tears to my eyes. It’s nice to see that even though you two are pretty far apart in age, you still treasure each other. You are both gems and angels.Don’t ever forget to love each other. You are very lucky to be so connected in so many ways.HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIANCA! <3 <3Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I have to go tell my family that I love them! :)Have an amazing day darlings <3~AliceThe Ace of Hearts

  • She’s so sweet <4http://www.tupersonalshopper.org/

  • Happy Birthday to your sister!!! You make cry with your speech!! 🙂 semptember 3 is Also the Birthday of my best friend and tomorrow 4 is mine !!! 🙂

  • a very cutie and chubbie…she’s like a little angel…I’ve a nephew like her too, really wanna hug her everytimes! >,<happy birthday sweetie…saphira-t

  • Dear Doina just discovered you through Instagram (following you at @katefpofficial) and then i come to see your blog which now i absolutely adore, you’re so elegant, charming and truly special! Love your positive and sweet energy! Happy birthday to your sweetest love Bianca, so adorable *.* <33

  • awww, that filled my eyes with tears !Happy Birthday Bianca !

  • Anonymous

    La multi ani !!! Sunteti superbe ambele.Postarea de astazi e nemaipomenita,tot ce ai scris e foarte frumos,dar si mai fantastic e cum ai descris totul. Ai o inima enorma si foarte sensibila si micuta Bianca are un noroc enorm .

  • Your story touched me to tears! Happy Birthday Bianca!!!

  • Awww! What a beautifully written story! I love the connection and sisterhood between you and Bianca, I truly hope it lasts forever.And Happy Birthday to Bianca <3

  • Awww so sweet! I am a mother and very touch about your post. Reading lines like these from one of your siblings makes a mother’s heart melt in joy. Happy birthday to your dear sister. <3

  • She is so beautiful!!!! Happy birthday to her! :)http://fosterthestyle.blogspot.com.es/

  • She is so beautiful!!!! Happy birthday to her! :)http://fosterthestyle.blogspot.com.es/