Ok ok, now I confess, I did buy these shoes!! Like really, how could I not? I had been trying to keep them as a premiere for Fashion Week, but last weekend I just couldn’t resist their charms anymore! So you get to see them now, and that’s all until Paris, you’ll have to wait for some more 20 days 😉
These sandals/pumps are just so indescribably fabulous! The colors, the platform, the red front part, the tiny belts, the height… I still dream of them while describing, and then I realize I have them in my shoe collection, how amazing is that??

I was wearing: 

T-shirt gifted by PNK Casual
boyfriend jeans from Asos
vintage belt
Zara necklace
Givenchy Multigalvanized Crucifix bracelet+ Bimba & Lola silver wings bracelet+ 
pink ribbon+ handmade black pearls bracelet+ Societe Cerebrossa black ribbon with skulls
shoes from Yves Saint Laurent 

  • Those are absolutely stunning, lucky you!Love how you styled them with the casual look xxhttp://www.shades-of-style.com

  • I L-O-V-E the shoes!! I have cravings!!!http://pilisstyle.blogspot.com/

  • Wonderful shoes and bracelets!http://lartoffashion.blogspot.com

  • THERE ARE WONDERFUL!!!! WOOOOOOOW! ;)))Maria Onoriohttp://www.thelastillusion.blogspot.com

  • Those shoes are out of this world Doina!It is absolutely amazing that you own them :)I really loved the way you styled this outfit so that all the attention is directed towards the shoes.The simple boyfriend jeans, black belt, and t-shirt indicate that something more intricate and amazing awaits at the very bottom of this outfit. There rests those YSL masterpieces with a seductive red cap, a simple nude sueded body, and dainty little straps that drape around the ankles like delicate flower vines, only waiting to be blown away.Those shoes made me feel very poetic. :)They’re absolutely breathtaking and I can’t wait to see you style them again for Paris Fashion Week! <3~AliceAinfinitaire

  • Federica

    Wow! those shose are incredible DOINA!!Love them!

  • wow!fantastic!Polly wth lovefollow)

  • Anda

    You look so pretty!I love your look!!

  • Anda

    You look so pretty!I love your look!!

  • I love them!xxhttp://www.ireneccloset.com

  • Elena

    They are really to die for!

  • Very beautiful styling and absolutely great shoes… great posting…New giveaways: –> Win a pair of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN shoes <--Van – PureGlam.tv * My Youtube Videos

  • I just love the shoes!!! They go very well with the top:) Sparkle On The Floor

  • SM

    These look amazing! I love your shirt and necklace as well! Perfect!http://untrucoudeux.wordpress.com/

  • There are so beautiful!! 🙂 Love this matching:) ENTER THE GIVEAWAY- Win a Chanel nailpolish F/W 2012-2013 ENTER THE GIVEAWAY- Win a Chanel nailpolish F/W 2012-2013 ENTER THE GIVEAWAY- Win a Chanel nailpolish F/W 2012-2013 Mix.. & Be Chic♥

  • The necklace is really awesome! Interesting combination!

  • Valentina

    Pantofii sunt superbi! Tu esti fantastica!!I Imi place cum ai dat o noua viata la acesti pantaloni fiind asortati cu pantofii.

  • Those platform sandals are just…perfection.

  • Te invidiez.http://www.zadinblog.com

  • the shoes are awesome! not surprised you bought them! 🙂 I would love to have them as well if I knew to walk in such high heels 😀

  • Great shoes, I really like the mixture of fabrics and colors on them. And beautiful necklace, but maybe you can wear it with another outfit where it pops out more so to say. x

  • great shoes! love how you styled them

  • I have exactly the same jeans like yours. But mine is a bit bigger. But, you look very stunning with that jeans. Don’t you feel little bit fatter with that pants? ;)thank youhttp://incredibletoe.blogspot.com/

  • Love the outfit , great shoes!! http://casuallydapper.blogspot.com

  • Lari

    Those shoes!!!Love!

  • Leria

    I really love this outfit,and think the YSL shoes are the perfect match.

  • Lucky you!xx, http://giedhre.blogspot.com/

  • Literally to die for shoes!Can’t wait to see what kind of looks you will create with them for fashion week :))Desislavahttp://truedreamcatcher.blogspot.com

  • You look gorgeous!http://one-girl-one-blog.blogspot.ro/

  • You are more than stunning! Great outfit! fashion is for idiots [like us]

  • they are just perfect!!!fashionqamar.blogspot.com

  • wow!this Outfit is simply amazing and you look gorgeous! in love with shoes!http://thedaydreamings.blogspot.de/

  • Andrea

    Ador toate tinutele !!Ai un stil deosebit si te apreciez mult.Succes la PFW.

  • laid back jeans + glam necklace + perfect shoes = totally awesome!xoxohttp://nadyagita.blogspot.com

  • amazinghttp://www.pinklemonincrystal.blogspot.com

  • Wowww, gorgeous shoes <3The look is amazing!http://www.tupersonalshopper.org/Marta.

  • i understood you perfectly! those shoes are to die for! :))xxshaveilachic.blogspot.com

  • Andrea

    Frumoasa si eleganta!Dupa parerea mea la o rochie sau la o fusta acesti pantofi se potrivesc mai bine.

  • So fabulous! Are they comfy??http://theundersized.blogspot.co.uk