This story behind this video is a very nice one. My genius photographer friend, Elena Goroshka, filmed some moments of a shooting we did back in May (yes, more than 6months ago!). She told me she was doing an experiment and just wanted to try herself as a video maker. My friend is a really spiritual and interesting person, so she also told me I would see the video when I less expected it. I was really excited by the mystery, but after waiting for a few weeks, I gave up, being sure the experiment had failed and she hadn’t liked anything from what we’d filmed. She called me last week, telling me she was  leaving the country for a few months (she had no idea how long that would take) and live some time on the Maldives… Pretty cool, huh?? 
She wanted to see me before leaving, just to have a nice chat and talk about our future plans. When I met her in the cafe, she was all relaxed and calm. She asked me if I had earphones, and that was the moment my heart skipped….
 “The video??? No way, don’t tell me it’s the video?!!”
“I won’t” she told me with a smile… What kind self-control is that?! 
I was dying to find out, I was 1000 more excited than I would have been if I had seen the video months before that, and I knew she was as well, but her face didn’t give her away. Only when the video started playing was I sure she’d really done that, she’d really made her experiment and it was awesome! 
This story has been bringing a smile on my face for the past days. I had been very stressed and busy; the weather had been horrible; my exams were coming and I was freaking out, and this video just brought me back to life.
That reminded me of how we usually live without really feeling the life. The time just passes by, we forget about small, but beautiful things and lose faith. However, in the right moment, life gives us gifts like this, proving us that it is beautiful, once again. 
Many thanks to my friends Elena Goroshka (photographer) & Otalia Calugherean (video editor)!! 
Hope you like the video
and today life has something pleasant in store for you!

P.S. for a better quality, turn on the HD720p
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    Esti senzationala!!!

  • Lovely video! Your friend is really talented 🙂

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  • Mi’a placut senzualitatea melodiei pe care ati ales’o. Se potriveste foarte frumos cu atmosfera asta somnoratica, dar fresh de primavara. Good job fetelor !

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  • This is such an amaing video and the story behind it is possibly even better! X


  • Very beautifully done.

  • Daniela

    Love the song! What song is it? <3

  • Doina Ciobanu

    Thank you! It’s New for you – Reeve Carney

  • Jimmy Yerg

    Fabulous video at a wonderful location.
    May I ask where is this location.
    take good care > keep strong and safe 🙂