I am not going to tell you that “a pair of shoes can change your life and Cinderella is a proof to that”. I think you all know those really exaggerated and dramatic views on life, if they can be called so. Though these shoes look like they would have been stolen from a fairytale, what I’m gonna tell you is very real and simple. I am only a human, therefore I have desires I can’t fight. 
Can I call a new pair of shoes a need? Well it all depends on the way you look at the situation. If you define “need” as the demand of something vital, like oxygen, water, food or even the only shoes you have to keep you warm in a siberian winter, then no; on the other hand, if you pass all the rational boundaries, and think of the life resources your soul needs, you can actually consider a new pair of shoes a need. 
What is a necessity anyways? Nowadays, people don’t really see the difference between what we need and what we want. What we need, humanity had dozens of thousands of years ago, when the fire was firstly discovered and used by humans. Of course that is stone age, but people did live and survive… in a very wild way, but we can’t deny that they did. So basically, if to objectively analyze the evolution of humankind, that was the only period when we used only what we needed, nothing more, nothing less. That makes everything we’ve learned, achieved and created since then, just a way to make our life better. Here we can include speaking, writing, buildings, art, government, means of transportation, food imported from far-away continents, wars, territorial extensions, books and all the way to electricity, communication devices, medicine, astronomy, astrology, physics, philosophy, fashion, cars, elevators and so on… So if the whole world that we’ve been building for millenniums is around 95% made of what’s not of life importance, why can’t we want some simple things like seeing the world, learning what we enjoy, eating delicious food or buying nice things? If these small and unimportant compared to global problems like pollution, wars, famine, sicknesses, hatred, envy, jealousy or death, can make us happy, is it really that bad to desire them? Is it really bad to want to feel beautiful and happy at the end of an exhausting and ugly day?
People tend to always judge the others about everything they buy, do, decide, but every single person on this Earth has dreams, so is it really bad to sometimes just get what we want as a reward for our work? Or want what we want? 
This question is always in my head, and I think it’s one of those rhetorical, but very provokative ones, that bring up even more questions and doubts…
What do you think, guys? 
shoes: Charlotte Olympia Dolly
  • I suppose the problem lies in the fact that some people justify satisfying their own happiness as having more importance than things like, let’s say, helping other people. They say, “Why not? What’s wrong with making myself happy?” There’s nothing wrong with that at all!It’s just that I feel we shouldn’t always use this as an excuse to crave into worldly, perhaps even selfish, pleasures…especially if it’s to the disregard/inconsideration of others. I think there is a fine balance between self-happiness and selfLESS actions.So no, wanting happiness and chasing dreams is not a bad thing, but the question is: how are you approaching it–with what kind of intentions?…This is quite a philosophical concept to come from a post about shoes! Thanks for bringing up such a discussion. Take care xx

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  • You know, people in the world have got a problem, one same problem – jealousy. I have to admit i really envy you these beautiful pieces, clothes, possibilities etc. but I would NEVER judge you because of this. I think and believe you are only an ordinary girl who is lucky. But besides you look like a very nice person, who loves her family and who truly respect her lifestyle. So i think this is not bad at all to want to be happy or to reach your dreams or to feel beautiful. Every girl, woman, everyone wants this and i think that’s the right atittude. Only thing we all have to do is to value our lives because there always will be people who doesn’t have things we have. Kisses babe ♥♥http://franchemeetsfashion.blogspot.cz/

  • Veronica

    Sunt adorabili!!

  • The fact that you buy these shoes and still have these thoughts makes me believe you are a good person… and it’s no need for you to justify your passion… Of course there are more important things than buying these expensive shoes but as long as you are conscious of that, half of the problem is solved.http://www.zadinblog.com

  • Si m-am indragostit…..ador aproape toti pantofii Charlotte Olympia, dar aceasta pereche m-a cucerit…definitiv!

  • Anonymous

    Your post seems very emotional to me and I really like that. It’s good to have this kind of contemplation going around at your age so maybe then you grow up you’ll finally arrive to a meeting point and make some compromises. For instance I doubt our moms and dads had such thoughts at their times so it is not entirely our fault what we ended up living the way we live now.I guess the real question what is up today it why do we want *things* and why certain *things* make us feel a certain way. To put this in perspective, then you eat at some point you have to feel full and stop eating, still many people overeat and become sick… BUT sickness is the body’s way to shout STOP, and for some people this is the only time they realize that they have come too far. Still then it comes to inedible things such as clothes and cars or boats we don’t have such mechanisms and we easily mistake desire for greed . There are desires and there are needs. Needs a vital and desires are human, and they together bring progress, while greed brings the opposite. Nowadays our possibilities are unlimited but this is unnatural. Life is not about crossing the limits life is about keeping the balance and these are not my words but Einstein’s the man who was said to have crossed the limits of existence to discover all the things he did but he always disagreed that.

  • I think that its alright to desire some things too, and not have people say things like ‘What about the starving people in Africa?” Of course you feel bad for them, but it doesn’t mean you stop living. Its not selfish, its wanting to make your life better, and whats wrong with that? Some people say people who buy alot of things like clothes and shoes (me) are superficial but in reality its just to make myself happier, so I’ll still do it no matter what.ravenmaidenmaven.blogspot.com

  • Magda

    Sunt extraordinari!!Stii,stau si ma gandesc,ca un barbat procurand o masina scumpa nu-si va pune niciodata asa o intrebare,doar au si ei alegere intre una ieftina si alta mai sofisticata.Deci totusi placerea de a cumpara ceva frumos este o terapie.

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  • Anonymous

    yes it’s really simple when you don’t have to work yourself for the money that provides you those

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  • Anonymous

    you don’t have to pretend to be so deep about a pair of shoes. a really nice pair of shoes. 😉

  • Hey, guys, thanks for reading! It’s really interesting for me to read your feedback, and please always do so, because I want to know what my readers are like, their views on life, their interests. Thanks a lot, guys! Magda, haha, chiar m-ai facut sa rad!! 😀 Grave e insa nu atunci cand isi cheltuie banii pe masini, sau yachte, ci atunci cand ii beau sau pierd in casinouri…Anonymous, oh, I would like to find out how that feels 🙂

  • oh how i love charlotte olympias heels! Im getting a pair of her bridal collection for my wedding next year! i agree with everything youve said, my fiance always says “we dont need anything but food, shelter and warmth really and if it makes you happy (shopping) then do it” As i always worry people will judge me for how much i spend on fashion.Hayley xxhttp://www.addictionstoshopping.blogspot.com

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  • Superbi, aproape ca nici nu vreau sa stiu cat au costat..

  • Anonymous

    конечно нет ничего страшного в том, что у вас туфли за $1000 и большинство Молдовы голодает)))) это нормально! душа захотела -и вуаля)ничего против не имею и ни в коем случае не завидую, но мне лично кажется, что уж лучше бездумно и эгоистично покупать такие туфли, нежели писать глубокосмысленный текст по поводу того, почему вы их купили. потому что звучит как оправдание ” я знаю что это не нужно, и могу привести кучу доказательств этому, но я их захотела и купила” вообще мне нравится ваш блог .без обид) просто есть над чем подумать

  • Anonymous, никаких обид! Я думаю что вы не правильно истолковали то, что я написала. Я это сделала, просто потому что я это почувствовала, и так как эту тему затрагивают очень часто, я подумала что и вам будет интересно почитать 🙂 А про ситуацию в Молдове вы сильно драматизируете. То что люди живут плохо, еще не значит что они голодают. Не забывайте что Молдова занимает первое место в мире по употреблению алкоголя… я думаю это о чем-то говорит ))

  • Anonymous

    Despre situatia din Moldova anonymous nu dramatizeaza ci generalizeaza si deci in context general are dreptate. Stiind situatia corupta din MD si din tarile post-socialiste evident apare intrebarea de unde vin banii – asa intrebari no sa apara la un blogger din Elvetia sau Luxembourg ,SUA UK samd. Mam ciocnit si eu de asa ceva. Imi petrec verile in Norvegia si cind stateam odata pe blogul tau am vrut sa le arat si fetelor de acolo ca are si tara mea fashion blogger (acolo aproape toti au bloguri si 70% sunt dedicate fashion) primul lucru ce mi-au reprosat a fost *I thought Moldova was a poor country* – se numeste impresie generala.

  • Anonymous

    Chiar aceasta problema o discutam cu cineva, daca ne trebuie sau nu pantofi, genti etc. scumpe.Depinde foarte mult si deci tip de buget ai pentru ca nu iti poti lua o pereche de pantofi YSL dar sa nu iti plăteşti facturile.Stiu ca este ceva personal dar sunt foarte curioasa cum iti permiti sa cumperi toti pantofii acestia scumpi.

  • Марина

    Очень красивые туфли, носите их на здоровье.А что Молдова голодает так всех не накормишь,везде в мире есть безработные.У нас по городу такие машины что в Европе редкость.И насчет цены вы приукрасили.Туфли с прошлой колекции и я их видела на 50% скидки,будет дешвле чем “ЗОРИЛЕ”,просто надо вовремя их найти.

  • Anonymous

    Adevarata problema cred eu, nu e dorinta vs nevoia dar supraconsumul in general, iar cei ce au banii sunt mai predispusi sa-l incurajeze. Confort = supraconsum. Lux = supraconsum la patrat. Asta e!Pantofii care azi erau *obsesia vietii mele* ramin prafuti si uitati pe raft dupa un sezon. 100 perechi de pantofi in garderoba si nici una purtata pin la gaura? Nu e nevoie sa renunti la dorinte trebuie sa stii sa le deosebesti de capriciu. Cind afli ma inveti si pee mine 🙂

  • When you put and open yourself for others, I MEAN your mind like you did in this post, be prepare to different opinions and don’t get defensive. I know it is easier to say than do , just have to tell you – you are brave enough to open up and share your thoughts probably knowing beforehand it would be nasty comments. On your subject, life is all about relativity: you bought expensive shoes and you are conscious about the world, at the same time some people can buy castles and palaces or absurdities like gold microphones decorated with brilliants, and they think it is ok to do so, they deserve it. It is great you think about it – and I think better or beautiful things as well as better or nice people that surround us create great and positive experiences, and therefore people with such things have better chances to turn to others who need their help, at least you give me this impression.By the way I like your blog and your great style!http://www.impromp-two.blogspot.com

  • So beautiful shoes! I’m sure you gonna look great in them!

  • i have been wanting to get a pair of Charlotte Olympia myself! these are pretty cute! http://www.styleinkhk.com

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous shoes!Of course it’s okay to reward yourself with nice things (i.e. expensive things.) Main reason why us people work, is for us to enjoy the fruits of our labor, buy what we want, treat ourselves, etc.. Don’t worry about what other people say. Do what makes you happy. Life is to short to worry about little things.

  • These are so cute, love the color!

  • They do look like they have been stolen from a fairytale, I wouldn’t resist to buy them either!http://bamostwanted.blogspot.com.ar/

  • it’s not bad to want to “prize” yourself with beautiful things but as you said..they are NOT what you need at the end of the day,more likely what your ego needs…compared to the problems of the world..what we need? is a question of not only a philosophical context of life but also of education values,social context and psychological matters…why others don’t need louboutins, mcqueens and olympias but feel the need to use their means of finance to help,donate to different causes is a problem we all should figure it out,in ourselves…one thing is clear,young people are often more selfish than older one…i believe this lays in wisdom that only comes with age/life experieces..also there are studies in general that have proved it …your only problem is to figure it out,cheers

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  • Hi,Women and shoe should be a different topic than people and their needs. :)Girls have this amazing quality, which guys lack to posses, of solving insecurities with a nice pair of shoes or a great hairdo. It boosts up your confidence in a minute and you feel strong, awesome, top of the world.We’ve all been there. 🙂 It’s a good thing, ladies, embrace it.Shoes are not a need or a desire, but a confidence builder.

  • Anonymous

    Your vision is very extreme! if you are to redirect things to historical origins when you should at least do some analysis not just point out facts and interpret them to your own comfort. Progress is important and just as anything new it’s has to be trial and error. Now since we learned how to make fake fur and leather we could stray away from the real one. Let Eskimos use real fur do they really need it! We found alternative energy which means we should use it as much as we can. If there’s ecological oil and cars available why not use them? And more alternative inventions are on it’s way. Art has gone digital so there’s less chemicals and paper involved. You can still paint in oils but thanks to someones contribution there are alternatives and you should at least try them a lot of people did already and they liked it – now they don’t use paper and oils. Brilliant! You don’t have to go back to stone age habits. Why on earth had the shoe maker put all his skill into making a pair of best quality shoes what would last quite a few seasons of every day wear then you wear them once a month making a short trip from the building to car’s door? Should all this effort go into feeling better, feeling pretty and confident? The thing what we don’t realize is what if we are to think *oh but a new pair of shoes for a better mood/look is ok* this will evolve into *having 100 pairs of shoes is normal cause I don’t live in stone age and I have aesthetics* very very poor excuse girl.


  • Anonymous

    Of Doinita citesc citeva comentarii de aici si imi dau seama cit de greu iti este uneori…invidia la fete pentru unele este al doilea nume…si am impresia ca in md este un fenomen intilnit mai des decit in alte localitati…

  • Anonymous

    idraznesc si eu sa-mi spun parerea..daca problema a trezit atata polemica..Deci cred ca fiecare persoana are prioritati diferite in viata. In plus, unii oameni au conceptii gresite despre cum sa cheltuie banii.. Ma refer la cei (am si cunoscuti) care economisesc pe sanatatea lor: stand pana tarziu cu lumina stinsa si citind pe intuneric ca sa economiseasca electricitatea (stricand vederea), sau care spala vesela in aceeasi apa intoxicandu-se de la detergent…economisind astfel doar cativa banuti..sau lei..chiar o suma neinsemnata, pe langa medicamentele care urmeaza sa le cumpere.. DAR ACELEASI persoane vor cumpara in fiecare sezon de iarna o blana noua sau o pereche noua de pantofi pentru fiecare petrecere. Putem sa economisim pe un fleac..sa nu mai cumparam chiar in fiecare saptamana icre rosii dar sa ne multumim cu altceva.. si sa incepem sa cheltuim pe ceva..care e important, util si intr-adevar conteaza. Ceea ce vreau sa zic, ca unele persoane au conceptii gresite despre gestionarea banilor “si placerii”. (DAR asta nu inseamna ca nu trebuie sa ne facem din cand in cand cate un mic cadou)Alt exemplu, referitor la prioritati…Desi am destui bani sa-mi cumpar un telefon mobil scump, sunt mai predispusa si mi-ar provoca mai multa placere daca as cheltui acesti bani chiar si pentru o mica calatorie in strainatate.. Intr-adevar, as fi mult mai satisfacuta :)Faptul ca ai cumparat o pereche frumoasa si scumpa de pantofi nu ar trebui sa provoace atata invidie si discutii ATATA TIMP cat nu ai economisit banii pentru pantofi pe seama sanatatii tale sau altor lucruri mai importante. Daca anume procurarea acestei perechi de pantofi ti-a adus placere si te-a facut fericita…e foarte bine! In speranta ca mi-am exprimat corect conceptiile..Amanda

  • LOVE <3

  • Ana

    Wooww, perfect and common sensed argumentation! I’m so amazed that you are this mature at your age! You have all my positive reaction on this introspection. You are absolutely right.

  • I think that only people with no life of their own start criticizing the tastes/wants/needs of others! If you don’t like what a blogger writes about, just don’t read his/her blog anymore! It’s all very simple in the end! Greetings from Romania! You’re an inspiration!